Full Body Mats & Larger PEMF Units Comparison Guide

If you are viewing this on a small device we recommend turning your device horizontally.
Comparison guideComparison guide
 Product (Maximum) - GaussNumber of Programs Frequency Range (Hz)  WaveformWarranty period (Years)  RRP (Including VAT)
EmField Pro  30,000 60 1-100Sinusoidal, Continue, Triangular£22,950
Hugo Pro 12,000 1  1-50Nano-second pulse£14,900
Hugo Intense  7,500 1  1-50Nano-second pulse1 £6,900
Penton Pro  2,500 1 1-50Sine Wave3 (applicators - 1 year) £4,800 - £5,760
Curatron Ultra 3D + Butterfly Coil  1,600 72 1-50Square Gate Sine Wave3 (applicators - 6 months) £11,600 - £13,920
Curatron XPSE  1,000 10  1-50Square Gate Sine Wave3 (applicators - 6 months)  £5,900 - £7,080
BioMag Lumina 3d-E  350 6 1-81Adjustable3 £1,950
Curatron Home 200 10 1-50Square Gate Sine Wave3 (applicators - 6 months) £3,500 - £4,200
CELLER8 Pakcage1005  1-100Sqaure wave3 (mat - 1 year)  £1,680
Bio Balance  10 6 1-1000Sinusoidal2 (applicators 6 months)  £2,490
OMI Beyond Full Body Mat 10 100 1-99Rectangular, sine and chainsaw wave1 £1,095
OMI Full Body Mat 2 3 1-99Square  1 £685

Localised Devices

If you are viewing this on a small device we recommend turning your device horizontally.
Comparison guide
 Product (Maximum) - GaussNumber of ProgramsFrequency Range (Hz)Warranty period (Years)RRP (Including VAT)
FlexPulse 200 10 3 - 1000 1£1,260 
CELLER8 100 5 1 - 100   3£1,200
OMNI NeoRhythm  25 8 4 - 303   2£295
NeoRhythm Pad  25 8 4 -303 2£339 
Oska Pulse 9 11 - 150 1£425
OMI Ring  2.8 31 - 99  1£295
OMI Pulsepad  1.9 28 1£149 
Medicur Pro  0.5 31 - 32   3£220 
Actipatch  0.01 11000  3£29.95 

Top 3 Tips on Choosing a PEMF Device


Choose the highest intensity system in relation to your budget

The maximum intensity (strength measured in Gauss) cannot be raised with low intensity devices; however, it can be lowered in most devices with higher maximum intensities. Therefore, these are a better longer-term investment as, you have a wider range of intensities and applications for you or your family to choose from. Higher intensity devices tend to have a much larger treatment area and can reach those hard to get to areas within the body.  


If possible, start with a full body mat

There’s a good reason that PEMF full body mats are still the most popular way of using the therapy! A full body mat provides a larger treatment area and has a wider range of applications when compared to a localised device. It’s important to improve full body circulation and overall cell health, even when focussing on a specific area of the body. 


Make sure a device and session times fit into your life

PEMF devices come with a lifetime commitment as once you discover the benefits you won’t want to live without them. Consider that an average PEMF session can be anything from 10-30 minutes, once or twice a day. Internal batteries give you freedom from wall sockets and if you can recharge your health during your normal down time in front of the tv, while you sleep, within your morning meditation or as part of your normal daily routine, you are onto a winner. 

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