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PEMF Pro PEMF device

The HUGO Pro is the ultimate professional-grade PEMF therapy device designed to help you achieve optimal health and wellness. The HUGO Pro is the highest intensity full body device we offer which is easy to use and features a portable, compact design, making it perfect for home or professional use. With advanced features like high-intensity PEMF technology and a user-friendly interface, the HUGO Pro PEMF is the perfect tool for anyone looking to take control of their health and well-being. 

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What's Included

1 x HUGO Driver Unit

1 x Single Loop Coil

1 x Double Loop Coil

1 x Long Rope Coil

2 x Dual Mat Applicators

1 x Level 1 NewMed PEMF Course

Product details

Intensity: 8,000 Gauss for single coil; 

12,000 gauss for top-bottom mats combined 

Frequency: Variable

Waveform: Nano-second pulse

Warranty: 1 years controller, 1 year accessories 

Number of programs: 1

Program Length: 12 minutes

Power: Mains power

Application: Full body + ring

Number of coils: 1 each applicator

Polarity: North facing

Size: Hugo driver unit (54cm x 36cm x 25cm) Single loop coil (25cm diameter)

Weight: 17 kg

Shipping & Warranty


Orders will be shipped within 3 business days. We do everything we can to get orders out as quickly as possible and on a 24-hour courier, but once shipped, please allow 1-5 business days for UK delivery and allow up to 1-4 weeks for international delivery. International customers are responsible for all import duties and local taxes. A signature may be required for delivery. Shipping fees are non-refundable and we do not cover shipping fees when returning goods to us.


Please check the product details for the warranty lengths for each product. The warranty covers all manufacturing defects within your warranty period but does not cover misuse, damage or anything that is seen as outside of general wear and tear of the life of the product. Return postage to our UK address for warranty claims are the responsibility of the customer however, we will cover the cost to send the device back to the customers original address for successful warranty claims. Any import/ export fees/ taxes outside the UK are solely the responsivity of the customer.

30 Day Return & 100% Refund


The 30 day return policy is simple and we will help you every step of the way. We are so confident in the devices we offer and their abilities to help, but if for any reason you need to return to us, we will take away any stress to do this. All you need to do is notify us in writing within your 30 days and from the day you received the product. You can do this simply by emailing us at We will then suggest ways you can send the device back to us safely at our UK address, or organise this for you and deduct the shipping fee from your return if you prefer. Once we have received the device, we will inspect it and refund you 100% providing the device is working and in perfect condition as it was received. Please see our full terms and conditions listed on this website for more detailed information on returns.

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What's Included:

1 x HUGO Driver Unit

Hugo pro control unit
L-21″- W-14″–D-10″ 
(54cm x 36cm x 25cm)

39lbs (18Kg)

The HUGO unit is wheeled for easy transportation and can be closed for safe storage.

1 x Double Loop Coil

Double loop coil
10" (25cm) Diameter

The double loop coil allows you to treat two people at once with the HUGO Pro device.

2 x Dual Mat Applicators

Dual mat applicators


Top mat: 60″ (52cm) L x 16″ (40cm) W

Bottom mat: 65″ (165cm) L x 16″ (40cm) W

You can place your body between the dual applicators for the ultimate full body coverage of PEMF therapy.

1 x Single Loop Coil

Single loop coil
10" (25cm) Diameter

The single loop can be moved over the body for more targeted and controlled treatments

1 x Long Rope Coil 

Long rope coil
60" (152cm) Diameter

The long rope coil gives you more treatment options and can be used in equine treatments.

Level 1 NewMed PEMF Training

Level 1 NewMed PEMF course logo

The level 1 PEMF course for beginners covers introductory topics such as the history, technology, and practical applications of PEMF therapy. A digital course certificate will be awarded when you complete the 7 assessments.


Are there any ongoing costs or maintenance with the Hugo PEMF devices? 

There are minimal considerations apart from the spark gap chambers. These devices are generally low-maintenance. Notably, some high-powered PEMF devices incorporate spark gap technology in their design. The spark gap chambers in these devices can be likened to light bulbs in terms of their function. They deliver consistent power and performance over time, but it's important to be aware that, like light bulbs, they will eventually require replacement.

How long can I expect the spark gap chamber to last? 

The manufacturers state that with regular use the spark chamber will last on average 2-3 years before needing replacement. The cost of replacing the spark gap chamber can be found on our website in the shop section. NewMed Ltd have been selling Hugo devices now for over 2 years and we have not had to replace a spark gap chamber yet for a customer, so we are very confident in the performance of these so far. 

Are these devices portable? 

For very high intensity PEMF devices, these units are as portable as they can be considering the heavy technology that goes into them. A lot of PEMF devices in the same range of intensities are desktop units or very large immovable units. Although these devices do weigh a lot, they can be wheeled around and lifted in and out of a car boot for example.  

Can I use these devices at home? 

Both the Hugo INTENSE and Hugo PRO variants can be used from home depending on the intensities you are trying to gain access to. PEMF therapy currently does not require any formal training by law to use them but we do offer training courses at NewMed to help you use and apply PEMFs properly for the best outcomes. 

Can I use these devices in a professional setting? 

Only the Hugo PRO can be used in a professional setting and with great outcomes for your clients. The Hugo PRO can be used multiple times a day with short breaks in between sessions and due to the intensity it offers, clients will walk away with immediate and lasting benefits. The Hugo INTENSE device is only suitable for home use as the spark chamber used for this device is smaller and only designed to be used 1-2 times per day for a 12-minute session each time. If a Hugo INTENSE device is used within a professional setting or used more than twice per day the warranty would become invalid with the manufacturer. 

Can I rent or trial a Hugo PEMF device? 

Unfortunately, we don’t offer rentals or trials on our PEMF devices as we tried this in the past and a few customers ruined it for the rest by returning product damaged or used outside of their intended use. What we do as an alternative and this counts for all our PEMF devices (unless custom made), is we offer a 30-day return period after your initial delivery. This gives you 30 days to use our devices and see/ feel the benefits for yourself before committing to the purchase. We do not take a restocking fee or processing fee from any returns (T’s and Cs apply) but we just ask that you please return them in the condition they were delivered to you in. 

Can I regulate or chose a specific frequency with the Hugo devices? 

No, the Hugo devices operate within the low frequency ranges of 0-50Hz but you cannot choose a specific frequency. These devices rely much more on their intensity for quick results rather than their frequency. The way they work is that the device is controlled by a dial on the front, which regulates the intensity. The device starts at 50Hz and a low intensity. As you turn the dial to increase the intensity the device uses more power and the frequency slows down. So, the higher the intensity the lower the frequency will be. This seems to be the more recent and mainstream way of applying PEMFs and has proved to offer huge benefits to the user applying power over frequency.

HUGO accessories:

HUGO mat
Hugo INTENSE spark camber replacement
Hugo PRO spark camber replacement