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Hugo Intense PEMF device

The HUGO Intense is in a league of its own when it comes to home use devices! Offering a high-intensity range of 5000 - 7500 Gauss. What sets it apart is its unique approach, utilizing dual full-body mats to deliver high intensity both above and below the body simultaneously, creating a sandwich effect. With its effectiveness demonstrated in just one 12-minute session daily, the HUGO is an excellent choice for individuals seeking a powerful and efficient PEMF device.

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5,000 gauss (Single coil) 7,500 gauss (Top-bottom mats combined)




Nano-second pulse


1 years controller, 1 year accessories (using this device in a professional setting will void the warranty) 

Number of programs:


Program Length:

12 minutes


Mains power


Full body & localised

Number of coils:

1 in each applicator


North facing


Please see what's included tab

1 x HUGO Driver Unit

Hugo intense controller
L-54cm x W-36cm x D-25cm

44lbs (20Kg)

The HUGO unit is wheeled for easy transportation and can be closed for safe storage.

1 x Single Loop Coil

Single loop coil
25cm Diameter

The single loop can be moved over the body for more targeted and controlled treatments.

2 x Dual Mat Applicators

dual mat applicators


Top mat: 152cm L x 40cm W

Bottom mat: 165cm L x 40cm W

You can place your body between the dual applicators for the ultimate full body coverage of PEMF therapy.

The Hugo operates without any pre set programme selection, like most other PEMF devices. Given its capability of producing a much higher magnetic field it utilises one simple intensity dial instead, which allows you to gradually increase the intensity level as you feel necessary. The Frequency range is variable and not adjustable in any way, between 1-50Hz with each session.


Orders are shipped within 3 business days. We do everything we can to get orders out as quickly as possible and on a 24-hour courier. Once shipped, please allow 1-5 business days for UK and international delivery. International customers are responsible for all import duties and local taxes. A signature may be required for delivery. Shipping fees are non-refundable and we do not cover shipping fees when returning goods.


Please check the specifications for the warranty details. The warranty covers manufacturing defects, not misuse, damage or anything outside of general wear and tear. Return postage to our UK address are the responsibility of the customer, however, we cover the cost to send the device back to the original address for successful warranty claims. Any import/ export fees/ taxes outside the UK are solely the responsibility of the customer. 


Notify us in writing within 30 days of receiving the product by emailing us at and we will then help facilitate an easy return. Once we have received the device, we will inspect it and refund you 100% providing the device is working and in its original condition. Please see our full terms and conditions listed on this website for more detailed information on returns. 

VAT Exempt Products 

You may be entitled to purchase some of our products under the governments VAT exemption scheme in an attempt to make certain products more affordable for those with a disability or long-term illness. The zero-rated VAT scheme only applies to products medically registered by the manufacturers, not those registered under wellness. For more information and to view the form, please follow this link. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ruta Gabalis
Happy with my choice

I bought the Hugo Pro PEMF device from New Med. At first, I found it difficult to choose from the big rage of equipment they have in their stock because slightly different configurations and intensities. Damien from New Med was patient, answered all my questions about each device, we even engaged in some debates.
Now, that I had purchased the device I am extremely happy with the choice. I wouldn’t hesitate to use again or recommend the company to anyone looking for a PEMF device.

Brian Dixon
Used after my AML Leukaemia

I've been using the Hugo Intense PEMF since February this year after a diagnosis of AML Leukaemia in the previous October. I failed to respond to the Intensive Chemotherapy provided.
Together with a few other things I added to my protocol I was back in remission at the beginning of March and back to playing football again in the May ( as a 64year old); to my consultant's amazement. I still use the Hugo 2 or 3 times a day and it definitely helps after games of football as now I never get muscle aches like I used to before. When I initially stated using the Hugo i had severe pain in my lower back/pelvic area even at the lower setting when using it, but now I can turn it fully up without issue. As you can imagine I'm so grateful for finding this product and the help provided by Newmedltd. I've given it a 5 star rating as I feel it's helped me recover from the dire situation I found myself in last year, with no options available either through the NHS or Private.
Best Regards
Brian :)

Sharon Mullinger
The Hugo has been life changing

I most certainly brought my Hugo intense PEMF machine from the right place. I was given all the advice and more, much more. Everyone I spoke to was extremely helpful. The PEMF is AMAZING and has changed my life. Before using the PEMF I was looking at ending my 28 year career due to the chronic pain I had been experiencing for the past 16 years. I was so desperate to experience a pain free life, I tried so many things and was really noticing that the pain was effecting me so much with my mood. I could not sleep, I could not walk or move without pain and I was getting so depressed. The Hugo intense machine was a lot of money to risk spending especially with the knowledge that I might have to give up my job. I took the gamble and I am so glad that I did. My life has changed beyond my belief. It’s been a month now since I first started using my PEMF best friend. I have no more pain and I feel great. I tell everyone about it, because everyone should know that you do not need to suffer any longer in pain, nobody should be in pain.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Send us your question by filling out the form below, we will be happy to assist you or click here to book a free 15 consultations.

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Are there any ongoing costs or maintenance with the Hugo PEMF devices? 
There are minimal maintenance considerations apart from the spark gap chambers that some high-powered PEMF devices, incorporate spark gap technology into their design. The spark gap chambers in these devices can be likened to light bulbs in terms of their function, they deliver consistent power and performance over time. It's important to be aware that, like light bulbs, they will eventually require replacement.
How long can I expect the spark gap chamber to last? 
The manufacturers state that with regular use the spark chamber will last on average 2-3 years before needing replacement. The cost of replacing the spark gap chamber can be found on our website here. NewMed Ltd have been selling Hugo devices for over 2 years, and we have not had to replace a spark gap chamber. We are very confident in the performance of these devices.
Can I use this devices at home? 
Both the Hugo INTENSE and Hugo PRO variants can be used from home, depending on the intensities you are trying to gain access to. PEMF therapy doesn’t require any formal training or use, but we do offer training courses at NewMed to help you use and apply PEMFs with confidence and for the best outcomes.
Can I use these devices in a professional setting? 
Only the Hugo PRO can be used in a professional setting, with the ability to be used multiple times a day with short breaks in between sessions. Due to the intensity it offers, clients will walk away with immediate and lasting benefits. The Hugo INTENSE device is only suitable for home use as the spark chamber used for this device are smaller and designed to be used 1-2 times per day for a 12-minute sessions. If a Hugo INTENSE device is used within a professional setting or used more than twice per day the warranty becomes invalid with the manufacturer.
Can I regulate or chose a specific frequency with the Hugo devices? 
No, the Hugo devices operate within the low frequency ranges of 0-50Hz but you cannot choose a specific frequency. These devices rely on their intensity for quick results rather than their frequency. The device is controlled by a dial on the front, which regulates the intensity, starting at 50Hz and a low intensity. As you turn the dial to increase the intensity the device uses more power and the frequency slows down. So, the higher the intensity the lower the frequency will be. This seems to be the more updated and common way of applying PEMFs, and has proved to offer huge benefits to the user.
Can I rent or trial a Hugo PEMF device?
Unfortunately, we don’t offer rentals or trials on our PEMF devices, we do offer a 30-day return period after your initial delivery. This gives you 30 days to use our devices and see/feel the benefits for yourself before committing to the purchase. We do not take a restocking fee or processing fee from any returns (T’s and Cs apply) but require devices to be returned in original condition.