Vat exemption

Who's eligible?

For VAT purposes, you’re considered disabled or have a long-term illness if:

  • You have a long term condition that’s treated as chronic such as Diabetes. Fibromyalgia or Arthritis
  • You have a physical or mental impairment that affects your ability to carry out everyday activities (eg blindness)
  • You’re terminally ill

You also have to be a UK resident to qualify.

A condition is generally regarded as chronic if you have had it for over 3 months but you don’t qualify if you’re elderly (but able-bodied) or if you’re temporarily disabled.

If you choose the VAT exempt option you will be required to return the exemption form which will be included along with a pre paid envelope with your order to be returned to us.

There are no assessments or doctors note's required and the information is not shared, we just need to keep your declaration form on record.

How do I buy with VAT exemption?

Just choose the VAT exempt option at checkout and you will be required to return the exemption form either by e-mail or (if requested) with a pre paid envelope with your order to be returned to us.

Not all product are VAT exempt. All products that are will have a drop down saying "VAT Exempt" and "VAT Included". 

Does a PEMF device need to be registered as a ‘medical’ device? 

In simple terms no. Some PEMF devices are registered as medical devices but a lot are not and prefer to register under an electronic device instead. There is no current enforcement on PEMF devices to require them to be registered as a medical device, unless they have medically relatable programs. For example, if a device has a program called ‘pain’ or ‘migraine’ it should therefore be required to register under medical. If a device only has selectable frequencies or programs called ‘wellness’ for example, it does not need to be medically registered.

Physically and technically, medically registered and electronic registered PEMF devices can be the same and we have found from customer feedback that the results are just as good either way. We don’t feel at NewMed that this should be a reason to chose one PEMF device over another.

However, there are some other differences that registering a device under medical or non-medical affect us as a business. Medically registered devices can make medical claims in their marketing, brochures and programs. We can also offer VAT exemption in the UK on Medically registered devices as long as they are being used for a diagnosed, chronic condition. Electronically registered devices can tell you they deliver PEMF’s but they cannot use medical terms and we cannot offer VAT exemption on these devices unfortunately as the government scheme only covers medically registered devices.

In summary, I wouldn’t get too wrapped up in whether a PEMF device is medically registered or not when you are trying to chose one to buy. Take more considerations over the intensities of a device and the portability and how often you can fit it into your lifestyle as the key elements when deciding.

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