PEMF Buyers Guide

As the UK’s one-stop-shop for PEMF therapy devices, it is our mission to promote the benefits of PEMF’s through independent and unbiased advice. 

Our top 3 tips on choosing a PEMF device


Choose the highest intensity system in relation to your budget

The maximum intensity (strength measured in Gauss) cannot be raised with low intensity devices; however, it can be lowered in most devices with higher maximum intensities. Therefore, these are a better longer-term investment as, you have a wider range of intensities and applications for you or your family to choose from. Higher intensity devices tend to have a much larger treatment area and can reach those hard to get to areas within the body.  


If possible, start with a full body mat

There’s a good reason that PEMF full body mats are still the most popular way of using the therapy! A full body mat provides a larger treatment area and has a wider range of applications when compared to a localised device. It’s important to improve full body circulation and overall cell health, even when focussing on a specific area of the body. 


Make sure a device and session times fit into your life

PEMF devices come with a lifetime commitment as once you discover the benefits you won’t want to live without them. Consider that an average PEMF session can be anything from 10-30 minutes, once or twice a day. Internal batteries give you freedom from wall sockets and if you can recharge your health during your normal down time in front of the tv, while you sleep, within your morning meditation or as part of your normal daily routine, you are onto a winner. 

It’s important to note

If a PEMF manufacturer does not advertise their magnetitic field intensity (Gauss) or they promote it as Milligauss or Microtesla (µT), then run for the hills! Generally, this is a major red flag that their intensity is not strong enough to have a therapeutic effect. We are seeing PEMFs being thrown into many different devices these days as the benefits are starting to make serious traction in mainstream medical advances. However, a lot of these companies are adding PEMFs at such low levels in order to be able to promote that their device has it, but they may not actually have any benefits to a user due to the super low intensities and how cost effective it is to make low intensity PEMFs compared to devices that offer higher intensities, due to the amount of copper that is needed. If you are thinking of investing in an infrared, vibration or electrical stimulation mat that advertises PEMFs too, make sure you find out the intensity they offer before you commit. We believe if you are investing in PEMF and your health, then stick to a PEMF specific and specialised system. 

What we don't sell and why

Why we don’t sell such devices as BEMER®, iMRS prime, HigherDose, Centropix…NewMed’s mission is to provide a one-stop-shop for PEMF devices and offer unbiassed advice on PEMF’s. Some companies do not allow the promotion of more than one PEMF manufacturer and they operate under a multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme or commission selling, which means there are lots of people involved in the sales process. This tends to drive the cost up of a device with less capabilities and magnetitic field intensity. This all goes against our core values and we will not represent certain brands. 

Types of PEMF systems and intensity by condition

The following table is ideal for those looking into Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields for specific health concerns or diagnosed conditions and can help them find the right intensity. This is taken from Dr Pawluk’s book, ‘SUPERCHARGE YOUR HEALTH WITH PEMF THERAPY’. We actually recommend anyone looking to invest in a PEMF therapy device or those who already have a system to read this book as it is such a powerful and informative look at PEMF’s and their benefits. 
If you are viewing this table on a smaller device. We advise that you turn your display horizontally.
Table Dr Pawluk
LocalWhole Body
Intensity in GaussIntensity in Gauss
 Condition    0.1-10   10-100   100->1000 0.1-10 10-100 100- >1000Area/s to be treated 
Addicition  xx xBrain
Adhesions abdominal   x   Belly
Alkaline Balance Systemic   x xKidneys/ full body 
Alzheimer's disease   x   Brain
Anxiey, Panic & PTSD Disorders        xx  xBrain/ solar plexus
Arthritis (Osteoarthritis)  xx xAffected joints
Athletic performance  xx xAffected areas + whole body
Autoimmune xxAffected areas + whole body
Back pain  x xBack 
Bladder Conditions      Bladder
Bone Healing and Repair   xx Affected bones
Breast implants  xx   Breasts
Bruising  xx   Bruised area/s
Burns  x Affected areas + whole body
Cancer  xx Organs: whole-body for leukemia/ lymphoma
Cancer, bone cancer/ mets    Areas with cancer/ mets
Cancer, brain radiation therapy      Brain
Cancer, breast  xx Breasts and whole body
Cancer, chemotherapy    xxWhole body, brain and/or abdomen 
Cancer, head, neck and oropharyngeal     Head and neck area
Cancer, liver   x xLiver area
Cance, lung   xLung/s
Cancer, pancreatic   x xxPancreas/ whole body
Cancer, stage 4  x xxAreas wih cance/ mets  
Carpal tunnel syndrome  xx   Wrist
Cataracts xx    Eye/s
Carpal tunnel Syndrome (CFS)   xxxxBrain/ full body 
Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)    xBrain/ full body
Concussion and traumatic brain injury (TBI)   x   Brain
Dental Issues  xx   Local dental area
Depression     Brain
Diabetes  xxxxxWhole bodyand local if needed
Ear problems  x   ear/s 
Eczema and dermatitis  xxaffected areas 
Ehlers Danlos Syndromes  x Brain/ full body  
Endometriosis    xxPelvis/lower   abdomen     
Enuresis, nocturnal   x   Bladder and brain
Epilepsy   x   Brain
Erectile dysfunction   x   Genital areas/ pelvis
Eye conditions xx    Eye/s
Fibromyalgia xxBrain
Fungal skin infections xxxAffected areas
Gall Bladder Disorders xx   Gall bladder area
Glaucoma    Eye/s
Heart conditions  x   Heart
Hepatitis, Viral  xx   Liver area
Interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome (IC/BPS)     Bladder/ pelvis
Intestinal Function  x   Abdomen
Joint replacements and implants prosthetic   x   Affected joints
Kidny disease   x   Kidney areas 
Lyme disease  xxWhole body and local if needed 
Memory loss   x   Brain
Migraine  x   ;Brain
Multiple sclerosis  x xBrain
Obesity xx xWhole body, brain and local if needed 
Osteopenia and osteoporosis     xWhole body 
Pain management xxxLocal and brain
Pancreatic Conditions xx Upper abdomen
Paraplegia and sinal cord injury xx xxWhole body, spinal cord and lcoal if needed 
Parkinson's disease xx Brain
Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) xx Lower abdomen; back if needed
Prostate hyperplasia- benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH)     Bladder, sacrum
Scleroderma or progressive systemic sclerosis (PSS) xx xAffected areas 
Shingles x   Affected areas  
Sickle cell disease      xx xWhole body and local as needed    
Sleep x xBrain
Smoking cessation x   Brain
Stem cell therapy  xx xxWhole body and local as needed  
Stomach problems  x   Stomach area
Stroke     Brain
Tendinitis/ tendinosis x   Local area/s
Testosterone x   Testes and brain if needed
Tinnitus      Brain 
Tremor xx   Brain 
Vascular disease  xxWhole body and local as needed  
Wounds  xx    Affected areas

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