Privacy Policy


NewMed Ltd is dedicated to upholding the privacy of individuals who visit and utilize our website. This privacy policy pertains to situations where we act as a data controller for the personal information of our website users, wherein we establish the intentions and methods of processing such data. We implement cookies on our website, and if these cookies are not strictly vital for delivering our website's services, we will request your permission to use them upon your initial visit. References to "we," "us," and "our" in this policy indicate NewMed Ltd. Additional details about us can be found in Section 12 of the policy.


In Section 2 of this policy, NewMed Ltd outlines the various categories of personal data they might process, the sources of this data, the intended purposes, and the legal bases for their processing activities.

They process usage data, gathered through analytics tracking, which includes IP addresses, geographical locations, browsing details, and patterns of website use. The purpose is to analyze and enhance website performance, and the legal basis is their legitimate interest in improving their services. 

Account data, like names and email addresses, acquired from users or employers, is processed for operating the website, providing services, maintaining security, and communication. Legitimate interests drive this processing. Profile data, encompassing names, company details, email addresses, and profile pictures, is processed based on user consent to enable and monitor website and service use. Service data, specific to products or technical information, originates from NewMed Ltd and is processed for operating the website, ensuring security, communicating, and maintaining databases, justified by legitimate interests. Publication data, encompassing information posted on the website, is processed to enable and manage such content, aligning with their legitimate business interests. Enquiry data, submitted by users, is processed to offer and market relevant goods and services with user consent. Customer relationship data, including contact information and communications, is processed to manage relationships, communicate, and promote products, driven by legitimate interests. Transaction data, such as purchase details and contact information, is processed to fulfill contracts and maintain records, grounded in contract performance and legitimate interests. Notification data, pertaining to email subscriptions, is processed with user consent for sending notifications and newsletters. Correspondence data, covering communication content and metadata, is processed for communication, record-keeping, and business administration, based on legitimate interests. Legal claims defense, insurance coverage, risk management, and professional advice purposes justify the processing of personal data.

Overall, NewMed Ltd may also process personal data to comply with legal obligations or protect vital interests. The sharing of others' personal data is discouraged unless prompted by the company.


Section 3 of the policy outlines the scenarios in which NewMed Ltd might disclose your personal data. They could share your data with insurers and professional advisers for purposes such as maintaining insurance coverage, risk management, obtaining professional advice, or legal claims. Financial transactions could involve payment service providers like PayPal or Shopify Pay, who receive transaction data solely for processing payments, refunds, and handling related issues. Enquiry data might be shared with third-party suppliers identified on their website to facilitate contact for offering relevant goods and services. These suppliers will act as data controllers and provide their privacy policies. NewMed Ltd might also disclose personal data to fulfill legal obligations, protect vital interests, or for legal claims' establishment, exercise, or defense.


Section 4 of the policy explains the conditions under which your personal data might be transferred to countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA). NewMed Ltd has establishments in the United Kingdom, and the data protection laws of these countries have received an "adequacy decision" from the European Commission. The data transfers to these locations will be safeguarded through standard data protection clauses approved by the European Commission, available at

The hosting facilities for NewMed Ltd's website are also based in the United Kingdom, with data protection adequacy decisions by the European Commission. Safeguards include the use of standard data protection clauses. It's important to note that any personal data you submit for publication on their website or services could potentially be accessible worldwide via the internet, and NewMed Ltd cannot guarantee prevention of unauthorized use or misuse of such data by others.


Section 5 of the policy outlines NewMed Ltd's data retention practices to ensure compliance with legal obligations regarding the storage and deletion of personal data. Personal data processed for any purpose will not be retained longer than necessary for that purpose. The retention periods for specific categories of personal data are detailed, where data will be stored for a minimum of 1 year after sign-up and a maximum of 1 year after account closure.

In certain situations where predefined retention periods cannot be specified, the duration will be determined based on your account status. Despite these guidelines, NewMed Ltd may retain your personal data when required for legal compliance or to protect vital interests, as stipulated in the policy's provisions.


Section 6 of the policy explains the process for updating the policy. New versions of the policy will be published on their website as updates occur. Users are advised to periodically review the policy to stay informed about any modifications. NewMed Ltd reserves the right to notify users about policy changes via email or their website's private messaging system.


Section 7 of the policy outlines your rights under data protection law. It highlights that these rights are summarized here and suggests referring to the relevant laws and regulatory authorities for a comprehensive understanding. Your principal rights include access, rectification, erasure, restricting processing, objecting to processing, data portability, complaining to a supervisory authority, and withdrawing consent.

You have the right to confirm whether your data is processed and obtain access to it with additional details about the processing. You can request rectification of inaccurate or incomplete data. Erasure might be possible in certain circumstances, such as data no longer being necessary or processed unlawfully. You can also restrict processing under specific conditions. If the basis for processing is public interest or legitimate interests, you can object, and in certain situations, you can object to processing for direct marketing or research purposes. You can receive your data in a machine-readable format if processing is based on consent or contract. If you believe processing infringes data protection laws, you can complain to a supervisory authority. You can withdraw consent and exercise your rights through written notice.

Overall, this section comprehensively explains your rights under data protection law, emphasizing the ability to access, correct, control, and withdraw consent regarding your personal data.


Section 8 of the policy provides essential information about NewMed Ltd, the owner and operator of the website. NewMed Ltd is registered in England and Wales under registration number 10862136, with its registered and principal office located at NewMed Ltd, Station Yard, Station Road, Harrietsham, Maidstone, Kent, ME17 1JA. Contacting NewMed Ltd is possible through various means, including postal mail to the provided address, using the website's contact form, calling the published contact number, or emailing the address found on the website. These details establish clear lines of communication and a registered address for inquiries and concerns.


Our data protection officer’s contact details are: .