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Delivering an incredible intensity range of 8000 - 12,000 Gauss, the HUGO Pro is in a league of it's own! each HUGO Pro includes:
Hugo Pro
1 x HUGO Driver Unit

L-21″- W-14″–D-10″ 
(54cm x 36cm x 25cm)


39lbs (18Kg)


The HUGO unit is wheeled for easy transportation and can be closed for safe storage.
Hugo Pro Coil
1 x Double Loop Coil

10" (25cm) - (Each Coil) Diameter


The double loop coil allows you to treat two people at once with the HUGO Pro device.
Hugo Pro Mat
2 x Mat

Top mat60″ (52cm) L x 16″ (40cm) W

Bottom mat65″ (165cm) L x 16″ (40cm) W


You can place your body between the dual applicators for the ultimate full body coverage of PEMF therapy.
Hugo Single Loop
1 x Single Loop Coil

10" (25cm) Diameter


The single loop can be moved over the body for more targeted and controlled treatments.
Hugo Rope Coil
1 x Long Rope Coil 

60" (152cm) Diameter


The long rope coil gives you more treatment options and can be used in equine treatments.

Technical Specifications

Intensity: 8,000 Gauss for single coil; 12,000 Gauss for top/bottom mats combined

Waveform: nano-second pulse

Pulse Rate:

Program Duration: 12 minutes for full body

Intended Use: Clinic / Professional

Input Power: 230v. 2.5A 60Hz 275W

Certification: CE

Warranty: 1 year

+ Free Training

Hugo Pro

Optional Online Training

We offer an optional free training session with every purchase of the HUGO Pro.

One of our sales team will be in touch once your HUGO Pro arrives to book this for you, we can give you an explanation on which applicators to choose and tips on how to use the HUGO Pro correctly.

Finance Tip

Duologi for HUGO Pro


For a higher chance of finance approval on high value units such as the Hugo Pro (£14,220.00) we recommend selecting a higher deposit (40-50%).

Do you offer training?

Yes, there is an optional 30 minute online training session with one of our sales team with every HUGO sale.


How can I get accepted for finance?

For high value orders such as the HUGO pro we recommend choosing a deposit of between 40-50% as your application is more likely to be accepted. If you do have a smaller despot we recommend you contact us as the chance of a decline will be very high.


Are the HUGO devices eligible for the VAT exemption scheme?

Unfortunately the HUGO devices are not eligible for the UK VAT exemption scheme. The listed prices include UK VAT (Which will be removed at checkout if your shipping address is outside the UK)