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NewMed Ltd level 2 PEMF training course

The level 2 course is focused on treating others with PEMF and goes more in-depth than level 1. It was developed in conjunction with a leading UK PEMF therapist who has been using PEMF for nearly 10 years now. It is ideal for professionals with PEMF in their practices, those looking to add PEMF to their offering or for those wanting to just use PEMF on others in an everyday setting. 

  • Course length: 6 hour approx.

  • Fully online allowing you to complete the course at your own pace in your own time.

  • Perfect if you are looking to treat other with PEMF with confidence. 

  • Access to our  constantly updating downloads and resource section including clinical studies and existing treatment protocols.

  • Access to our exclusive PEMF Professionals closed Facebook group and closed professional mailing list.

  • You'll receive a level 2 certificate and course logos to use across your business. 

  • Get added to our PEMF clinic map.

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Who is the course for?

The course is suitable for everyone, allowing PEMF users and practitioners to broaden their knowledge of PEMF. If you have bought (or are considering buying) a PEMF device for yourself or even if you treat others, we believe this course will give you more confidence and understanding of PEMFs.

You do not need to be a qualified physiotherapist or chiropractor to apply PEMF sessions so, this training will give you the knowledge and confidence to apply PEMF safely and effectively. The course also includes ideas and inspiration on setting up your own space to call a PEMF practice or studio as well as using it alongside complimentary therapies you may already offer. 

What will I learn?

You will learn how you can use PEMF on others and a deeper insight into PEMFs and what they can be used for. It will give you the knowledge to pass onto clients to explain the therapy in a deeper sense down to a cellular level as well as why we use high intensities of magnetic fields verses low intensities. 

Level 2 also gives you access to a download section where we are always uploading new studies and useful documents that relate to PEMF therapy. There are videos being uploaded often as well as any bonus material like podcasts to further widen your understanding of the therapy. 

Level 2 incudes a bonus optional module on "Applying PEMFs to animals and pets". Animals benefit from PEMFs just as much as humans, if not more, therefore it would only be fair to give our furry friends a mention in our training modules. 

Do I get a certificate?

Yes! Certified by NewMed PEMF educational hub (a ‘level 2’ physical certificate will be posted).

What else do I get?

Get your PEMF space added to the worldwide NewMed PEMF clinic map (Reviewed on an annual basis) This benefit has a return on investment and it would only take one or two clients to find you through our online PEMF map to cover the initial cost of the course.

Upload and use the NewMed ‘level 2’ PEMF educational hub logo on your website.

Added to the ‘PEMF professionals’ closed Facebook group so that you can ask PEMF related questions to likeminded individuals.

Access to our level 2 downloads section for up-to-date info on studies.

Course Video: