What you can charge and the pay back period (PBP)

How much can you charge for a PEMF session? we calculate the average Pay Back Period when you invest in a PEMF device...
PEMF  - What can I charge?

What can I charge a client?

PEMF therapy sessions (with a high intensity device) typically cost between £50-79 for a 30 minute session
PBP NewMed

Pay Back Period (PBP)

In over 6 years of working with PEMF professionals we have found that PEMF systems are typically paid off within the 1st year and often much faster.


Calculating your PBP

Your PBP will be based on the number of sessions you can book. We have used conservative estimates below (2 per day).

This is not limited by the device and some more established PEMF professionals book up to 14 (30 minute) sessions per day.

Pay Back Period (PBP) Calculation - emField Pro

emField Pro - £23,400 (including VAT)

Session Charge - £79

Sessions per day - 2 (Monday - Saturday)

Pay Back Period (PBP) - 12 Months

Pay Back Period (PBP) Calculation - Curatron 3D

Curatron Ultra 3D + Butterfly Coil - £12,612 (including VAT)

Session Charge - £79

Sessions per day - 2 (Monday - Saturday)

Pay Back Period (PBP) - 6.5 Months

Other benefits to your business

Automated treatments

A benefit of PEMF is that many systems require minimal interaction, therefore freeing your time to treat several people at once.

You can expand your business without hiring additional staff.


At NewMed we offer leasing on our professional PEMF device to reduce your upfront cost when investing in equptment.

The emField pro can be leased for as little as £119 per week, a cost which would be covered in less than 2 sessions!


As the UK's one stop shop for PEMF therapy we have years of experience of customers using PEMF and we are happy to answer any query.

Call us on 0808 1689 282 for advice from our friendly team.

What's Next?

Becoming a PEMF professional

If you are interested in becoming a PEMF professional please order our guide or sign up here, we will be in touch to discuss your needs, training and finance and answer all of your questions on becoming a PEMF professional