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Which intensity is right for me?
A common question we receive is "Do I need a high intensity or low Intensity PEMF Device?"
Should I choose a low intensity or high intensity PEMF mat?
This is difficult to answer as it assumes there is a "one size fits all" approach to PEMF which has never been true of any therapy. What is easier to dispel is myths about low intensity not working or higher intensity being too extreme or even bad for you.

What we know from our own customer testimonials and the thousands of studies into PEMF is that both high intensity and low intensity PEMF therapy work and can be life changing for many people.

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What is the Intensity and how do the products compare?
Copper Coils Inside PEMF Device
What is intensity?
Intensity (often measured in Gauss) is the maximum strength of the magnetic field a PEMF device is capable of. Most devices could be split into low, medium or high intensity devices.

Intensity should not be confused with frequency, frequencies (often measured in hz) are adjustable on all PEMF devices but the intensity is the maximum strength of the magnetic field the device can produce, it cannot be changed as it is built into the device.

Examples of different intensities are below:
Low Intensity
A low intensity PEMF device
Up to 1 Gauss
Medium Intensity
A  medium intensity PEMF Device
High Intensity
Parmeds (Curatron)  XPSE
A higher intesity PEMF Device
PEMF Intesity
Why do the intensities differ between different manufacturers?

PEMF therapy devices have been developed alongside research into PEMFs so there is always a good reason for the intensity and the frequencies that they use.

The research conducted by NASA into PEMFs led to the introduction of low intensity devices. Many other studies into PEMFs however have used higher intensity magnetic fields.
What do the experts say?

"There is much debate online about the value of intensity of pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs). There are manufacturers and distributors on both sides of this debate. Some claim that low intensity is all that is needed and that higher intensities are unnecessary or even dangerous. Some claim that only high intensities are effective. The truth is that both work, and so do intensities in the middle. It is the reason a person is using a PEMF system that determines the necessary intensity"

- Dr William Pawluk, MD MSc,
Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy Guru
Unsure about PEMF frequencies, Intensities and Waveforms?
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PEMF Case Studies & Reviews
Product Review - Sapphi
Severe Arthritis

"My own research led me to PEMF when all else has failed to help severe arthritis in my hips. I had a total right hip replacement in July 2019 and am trying to save my other hip. I’m using the device most days, the large mat every few days and the small mat for localised treatment on program 9 every night watching TV in bed.

After a few weeks I definitely have less pain, a very noticeable reduction in sudden stabbing pains and my energy and mobility and strength has improved. I liked NewMed because they offer a detailed guide to PEMF and a wide range of authentic products. They are also very accessible and responsive to questions. They advise buying the highest gauss your budget will allow because it’s a long term investment. I slightly regret not going all out for an even more expensive product because I’m convinced that there are huge health benefits to be had from PEMF and health is everything"

- Sapphi
Product Review - Mike
Musculoskeletal Issues

"The Flex-pulse is a user friendly device that can facilitate a variety of clinical issues. I particularly like the minimal contraindications so makes the assessment for use very easy.

I have used on Chronic & Acute Musculoskeletal issues with positive results, also on myself for the relaxation of stress and tension at night. It comes in an easy to carry case and the operation is simplistic. So far I have been very impressed by the device"

- Mike
Product Review - Les
Muscle Astrophy
"I am very happy with my FlexPulse. After 3 months I am free from pain I used to take 6 or 8 paracetamol a day but now I haven't used any for 3 months.

I think it has stabilised the muscles in my calves as both legs are the same size now, not one being an inch bigger than the other. I still walk with 2 crutches for fear of falling but this is because I need a knee operation. The reason I couldn't get the knee op is because I have IBM muscle wasting"

- Les
Product Review - Angela
Stroke Recovery

My son who suffered a stroke a couple of years ago has been using the Mas mat under his mattress every night for a few months now and it has absolutely transformed his sleeping!

He was waking up several times a night at one point - this has now reduced to just once. He wakes up full of energy which enables him to work harder on his physio and rehabilitation. We all lay on the mat at the first sign of a cold of flu and it really seems to stop the virus in it's tracks.

In fact, it's great for any pain - whether it's muscle ache from the gym or just a headache - it's wonderful to have the mat there for a simple but very effective natural therapy. I can't imagine not being without it now. I honestly think every family should have one - great to help manage and repair chronic illnesses like my son's but also as a boost, when needed, for the rest of the family!

- Angela
Case Study - Maria
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation in your joints. Maria was diagnosed 10 years ago, she used natural protocol to deal with the inflammation. However she still had terrible migraines and a low neutrophil count which made her prone to infections. After a quick google search she decided to trial the iMRS EMPpad full body mat.

Maria used the EMPpad iMRS whole body mat to help reduce her migraines and improve her neutrophil count, thus reducing infections; she used the mat 3 times a day, for 15 minutes and an intensity of 25 microtelsa.

Maria tells us her story and what lead her to purchasing the iMRS whole body mat,

‘I was diagnosed with RA 10 years ago but I used natural protocol to deal with the inflammation. However, I still had terrible migraines and a low neutrophil count which made me prone to infections. Since using the therapy these have now gone and my health has improved a lot overall and I have had a better quality of sleep. My blood pressure used to be quite low, 100/65 and the last time I had it checked it is now text book perfect 120/80. Since using the therapy I have more energy and have experienced all these health benefits and I have only been using it for a total of 2 months – I have now purchased a system of my own and I expect the benefits to keep growing.’

PEMF has helped Maria to manage her migraines, as well as improve her blood pressure and improve her overall health.
Case Study - Audrey
Injury Recovery
Audrey used the Full Body Mat to help reduce the pain she was experiencing all over her body due to recent injuries she incurred from falls; she used the Sleep Programme on an evening and the Vitality Programme in the mornings for 20 minutes at a time and was very pleased with the results.

Audrey has unfortunately been having reoccurring falls, including a nasty fall from her bed two months ago which has resulted in her worst injuries. These frequent falls have led Audrey to have to at
tend fall clinics provided by the NHS.

Audrey tells us, ‘most of my injuries have happened on my right side, which is strange as my right side is my strongest. I have been trying to exercise this side to make it stronger and to recover from my injuries.’

Audrey also has undiagnosed rheumatism in her left hand which means she struggles to use it for day-to-day tasks like lifting and gripping. But Audrey tells us, ‘I can still punch and kick and can cope without my walking stick at home.’

Audrey explains, ‘I was recommended the PEMF therapy by my Physiotherapist, who has been a tremendous help to me, the mat has helped me identify where the different pains in my body are stemming from.’

The main improvement for Audrey is, ‘Most of my pains have gone or improved dramatically, the stiffness in my hand is going and I can use it pretty much as normal again now and the injuries from my falls have all healed nicely.’
Case Study - John
Lower Back Pain
Having a lower back pain can impact your mobility greatly and can cause you daily pain which is draining on your energy. If you want to regain a normal routine, reduce pain and increase energy, you can like John did, by using the Special Multi Plus to treat his lower back pain after discovering NewMed in the daily mail!

John used the Special Multi Plus to help reduce the pain he has had for over 30 years, he has relied on pain killers and now after using the special multi plus he has reduced his medication by approximately 60%. He uses the machine 2 hours a day during coffee sessions, when watching TV and at bed time.

John said, ‘I have been using the Special Multi Plus, as advised by you. It helps me manage my lower back pain I have had for over 30 years, It works for me better than TENS, ultrasound etc. I have tried many things but this to help (sic). Yes it is expensive. But all things that help are. My pain meds are down 60%. Which is very good..The staff are helpful"

Due to the pain relief the therapy has given him, John is now able to enjoy his all his social activities:

Product Review - Jean
Temporary Back Pain
(30 Day Device)
"I used the loop immediately since I have been suffering with back pain and I have to say the results were excellent" -

How could PEMF improve your life?
With years of experience in PEMF therapy and access to a wide range of clinical studies please contact us if you need any advice..
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