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Please Note: 

These are additional applicators ONLY, a Curatron control unit is required.

Making your own Curatron package

We encourage you to make your own Curatron package from the accessories however please include the Curatron control unit and check compatibility, we are on hand to help so if you would like a quote for a personalised Curatron package just let us know.


PC software is only compatible with the Curatron PC or a PC enabled XPSE

Switch boxes and Coil B are not compatible with the Curatron Home

The LLLT probe is only compatible with the Curatron 3D


Do these prices include VAT? I thought Curatron has a VAT exemption option?

Yes, the prices for the accessories include VAT, due to the VAT exemption rules we can only offer the VAT exemption if you order a complete system and not an individual accessory (for example a switch box or power cable). If you are VAT exempt and building your own system from the accessories just let us know as we can send a VAT exempt quote


Which devices will the Curatron software run on?

The Curatron software is only compatible with systems that run Windows 7,8 or 10. It is not Mac compatible and is not supported on older windows systems.