Welltiss - Portable body assistant

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Unavailable as of June 2019


The Welltiss is a portable PEMF therapy device, it is non invasive and applied with a small therapy unit on a wearable flexible band.

Programs can be selected on the app and offer 4 different solutions, Pain Relief, Bone Healing, Regeneration, Tissue Repair

Technical Data

Maximum Intensity 50 Gauss (5 mT)


Waveform Sawtooth
Frequency 1 – 25hz

The Welltiss Portable PEMF Device..

Download the "Welltiss" app from Google Play or the Apple Store.
Place it
Fasten the device to your arm or leg, wherever you wish to apply the therapy.
Open App
After you’ve downloaded the app from Google Play or the Apple Store, the Welltiss icon will automatically appear on your mobile.
By pressing the icon, you will open the application.
Turn it on
-Turn the device on with a short press of the button. The device will beep once to indicate that it is on.
Choose program
Select one of the therapy programs:

Press Start
When ready, press "Start". The device will beep twice.
Let it work
Then just relax and let Welltiss work its magic!
It switches off automatically
When the program stops in Day mode, the device will beep three times. At the end of program in Night mode, there will be no beep.

The Welltiss Portable PEMF Device..