SL20-3D Biomag Solenoid 20cm

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*Please note  - this is not a stand-alone device and this applicator requires the BioMag Lumina Control Unit (Not Included)

Flat bottom solenoid applicator for Biomag pulsed magnetic therapy devices

Magnetic therapy solenoid with 3D field for rotary applications Applicator dimensions: diameter 200 mm, depth 140 mm, weight 2 kg

Solenoid-type Biomag magnetic therapy applicators

Solenoid-type Biomag magnetic therapy applicators have a homogeneous magnetic field. They are used when we need a uniform effect from the magnetic field, and when deep penetration into the tissue is required (e.g. joints of limbs). A further increase in the effects of the solenoids can be achieved by using solenoids labelled 3D (i.e. solenoids in which Biomag® proprietary technology is used). For all applicators, the range of the pulsed magnetic field can be checked using the Biomag® tester.