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Can this replace an OMI full body mat?

No, the OMI medallion has a much smaller treatment area than the full body body mat, it is designed to be used alongside other PEMF devices to "top up" the therapy rather than be used as your only PEMF device.


Magnetise Water

The OMI Medallion can be used to magnetise your water. The therapy is activated by holding the sides and device is a handy coaster shape making it the ideal device to add magnetic therapy to your water!


The OMI Medallion

As the latest addition to the OMI PEMF range the Medallion was developed with your needs in mind. Do you want to experience the benefits of your OMI device on the go? The Medallion fully compliments your PEMF therapy experience with a convenient portable device.

The OMI Medallion promotes micro-circulation, metabolism and speeds up self-regeneration and recovery processes.


OMI Medallion Tips

The OMI Medallion is a complimentary PEMF therapy device and here at NewMed we suggest it is used to "top up" your therapy whilst on the go such as working or travelling. The Medallion is not intended as a replacement for a full body PEMF mat but as a convenient addition.

Technical Details

Frequency Range: 8hz (continuous program)

Intensity: 0.66 Gauss


Try the OMI medallion today

The OMI Medallion is included in our 30 day money back guarantee so you can try it for yourself and feel the benefits of PEMF therapy.


What's included?

  • Portable OMI PEMF Medallion 2.76" (7 cm) x 1 
  • User manual x 1 
  • Leather cover x 1 
  • Wrist wrap x 1 
  • Lanyard x 1
  • USB Charger x 1


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Helps with sleep, keeps more relax and over all better.