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ELF Emmit App (Bellabee®)

The ELF Emmit App is now available under the name Bellabee®. The Bellabee app is fully updated with additional and customisable programs and works with any ELF Emmit Device.


Excluded from the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Any new orders of The ELF Emmit are excluded from the NewMed 30 day money back guarantee.



As of March 2018 as there is no manufacturers warranty in place. The ELF Emmit was a new product launch and has achieved a lot of success in bringing PEMF and brain training technology into a more affordable device but due to launch issues no new devices are currently being produced.

NewMed do have stock so we will fulfil orders for the ELF Emmit and provide technical support but there is no manufacturers warranty on the ELF Emmit.


Brand New Second Generation ELF Emmit (Clearance Stock)

Our ELF Emmit stock is brand new, in original packaging and was produced by the manufacturer in November 2017, they are all brand new second generation ELF Emmit devices. We have labelled the ELF Emit as clearance stock because as the manufacturer is no longer operating we consider this stock to be end of line and there is no longer a warrenty on the product. We welcome any queries about the ELF Emmit before you buy by using our contact form


Discover the ELF Emmit


Understanding the ELF Emmit Programs and how they work.

See below for the 5 five brain waves in order of highest frequency to lowest:


  • Gamma Wave (focus)

  • Beta Wave (concentration)

  • Alpha Wave (anti-stress/deep learning)

  • Theta Wave (meditation)

  • Delta Wave (sleep)


A Wearable PEMF device, for the Optimized Self

ELF Emmit is a digital metronome which you control, choosing your preferred state by allowing the device to suggest how your mind should behave and the rhythm at which it operates.

Elf Emmit is a personal assistant which coaxes our mind to work as we would like it to.


5 Programs


How it works

ELF emmit draws upon the medical knowledge of the frequencies at which our brain works in different states of mind and encourages them to function at those exact frequencies. This can be accomplished even though the brain frequency may not be aligned with what we’re trying to achieve. It’s a scientific fact that, in sleep and deep relaxation, our brains function from 1 to 5 Hz (beats) per second, while at high concentration they spike up to 30 Hz per second. To generate electromagnetic pulses in our ELF emmit headband, we use energy from your smartphone or tablet, with the same power that goes to headphones when we listen to the music.


Do you feel comfortable and safe using headphones? Great! Then you’ll feel comfortable and safe using ELF Emmit. ELF Emmit doesn’t require FDA approval, as it’s not considered a medical device. But the scientific principle on which it is based, PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic therapy) is FDA approved.


ELF Emmit Tips

Did you know if your ELF Emmit is not counting down a timer on the app then the program has not started? Always sign in using Google or Facebook and when you click start you should see the program counting down so you know it is working correctly.




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Does the price include free delivery?

Yes the price includes free UK delivery (Includes Northern Ireland)

The charge for delivery outside the UK is a flat charge of £20


Is this the new version ELF Emmit?

Yes, all our stock is the 2018 new version, the design has not changed but the material is now stronger and more durable. The inner colour has also changed from blue to white.


Does the price include VAT?

Yes the price includes VAT and free UK delivery.

How long does delivery take?

Standard delivery is 1-2 working days via a tracked service. You will receive a tracking number and delivery updates along the way.