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Please note: these are additional accessories ONLY, an Earthpulse control unit is required. Please contact us if you have any compatibility queries.

Earthpulse Accessories

At NewMed we stock several Earthpulse accessories to compliment your device, find out more below...
Earthpulse transportable pack

Transportable Pack

The padded transportable pack is made especially to fit the Voltaic battery & EarthPulse™ controller. Moisture resistant, padded, rip-stop nylon to help protect your investment. Whether it’s your lumbar, your knee, a bad ankle, a fixed-bone, or your hip; allows you to walk around with full power amplitude for 6-8 hours on a full charge.

Transportable holder only - voltaic battery sold separately
earthpulse emf reduction

Low EMF Power Supply (12v)

With a new power supply expect minimised EMF emissions and an improved, less distracting, PEMF therapy experience.

100-240 volt (50-60 Hz) input to 12 volt DC output power supply for EarthPulse™ v4.7 and earlier versions only with 4 pin adapters for any region you may travel to or reside in.
earthpulse replacement coil

Electromagnet Coil with Metal Housing

The EarthPulse™ patented electromagnet. v5.2 electromagnet coil and L-tipped cable.

Hard-ferrous metal enclosure for maximum magnetic field amplification and maximum static magnetic field generation.
earthpulse splitter cable

L-shaped Electromagnet Splitter Cable

The cable can be used to upgrade your v.4 or v.5 Earthpulse™ into two magnets per output jack (at 30% lower amplitude). Works on v.4.5 (2010) through the v.5’s. L-shaped cable tip provides a smaller footprint for easier transportability while preserving lifespan of the output jacks