July Health Topic - PEMF Post Workout

PEMF After Workout
A recent poll has suggested 2 in 3 UK adults have been taking advantage of time in lockdown to exercise. This has led to a boom in working out from home but along with it an estimated 7 million new sports injuries (1).

This month learn how PEMF can be used to combat the negative effects of exercise on the body.

Low To Medium Intensity PEMF

Low to Medium Intensity PEMF therapy

What are the benefits of low to medium intensity PEMF?

PEMF therapy can improve circulation, increase muscle performance, decrease swelling and encourage cell repair (2)

Low to medium intensity PEMF therapy is particularly useful when using PEMF to improve your overall wellbeing.
PEMF post workout

What are the benefits post exercise?

The benefits of PEMF therapy include improved circulation, muscle relaxation, anti-inflammation, improved motor co-ordination, all of which are beneficial post workout (3)

PEMF has also been shown to increase nutrient and oxygen supply to muscles therefore reducing muscle soreness and muscle fatigue (4)
PEMF post workout

Can I use PEMF before my workout too?

As PEMF therapy is generally not condition specific if you can fit it into your routine then it can be used both before and after exercise!

A 10-15 Minute session of PEMF before your workout will reduce stress, increase oxygenation of the blood and increase mental focus helping you to get in the "zone" before your workout.
PEMF post workout

What have the studies on PEMF and muscle fatigue shown?

Studies have shown that PEMF is effective in reducing DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and muscle stiffness post exercise.

A 2007 study showed PEMF therapy was effective in getting muscles back to their pre exercise state faster than those who were not given the therapy (5)

Suggested Programs

Before Exercise

Biobalance Programs

Balance Program

Theta band frequency (7.8 Hz) – the so called Schumann resonance. This is the planetary frequency by which the brain is most consistently stimulated.

Theta band is a great frequency for meditation, relaxation, light sleep, for healers, pre-performance jitters, and just generally mildly quieting down the brain.

After Exercise

Biobalance after Excercise

Recovery Program

10 Hz is in the alpha brainwave frequency band (8-13 Hz). People in alpha are relaxed, meditative, mindful.

10 Hz stimulation has been studied by NASA on stem cells and discovered about a 400% increase in neural stem cells and a large increase in various tissue repair growth factors. So 10 Hz is a useful signal for tissue and cell regeneration in general and especially for brain and nerve tissues.(6)

What Customers Say

Biobalance Review
"The Biobalance PEMF system is really an energy recharger...this is the most amazing energy device I have encountered...none of other devices (are) able to match the performance of BioBalance which is the only one providing significant improvements in physical workout and also sharpen mental clarity"

Anthony D. (review via https://biobalancepemf.com/)

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NewMed recommends the Biobalance for the wide variety of benefits available from using low to medium intensity PEMF therapy.

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