Become a PEMF Professional

Why add PEMF therapy to your clinic or practice?

PEMF therapy keeps your clinic or practice ahead of the curve and utilising the latest technology.

PEMF is growing fast in the UK and last year NewMed increased the spread of clinics offering PEMF therapy by over 50%. By investing in a PEMF device from NewMed for your clinic you can also receive the following benefits:

  • Free listings on our PEMF clinic online directory
  • Discounts on future devices
  • The option to become a NewMed Rep and offer home devices to your clients.

Unique, clinically studied and effective

NewMed offer 3 devices suitable for clinics that range from 500 to 30,000 Gauss Intensity.

You can also create custom treatment protocols making PEMF therapy a truly unique and personalised experience at your clinic or practice.

Offer your clients a therapy has been used safely and effectively throughout Europe for over 50 years. PEMF therapy is growing fast so why not join us and become a PEMF professional today!

"PEMF Professionals truly live up to their name. I have found them to be incredibly supportive"

- Deborah McNair - Restoring health

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Professionals Buyers Guide

Zimmer emField Pro

  • Maximum Intensity - 30,000 Gauss
  • Recommended for - fast results or one off clients

About the Zimmer Emfield Pro

The Zimmer emField Pro is considered the gold standard in PEMF therapy systems for clinics, Zimmer MedizinSysteme has been one of the leading European manufacturers for physiotherapy systems for over 50 years. The emField Pro has a maximum intensity of 30,000 Gauss and the option to switch between dynamic and static treatment.

Curatron (3D)

  • Maximum Intensity - 1500 Gauss
  • Recommended for - unbeatable program customisation

About the Curatron 3D

Curatron are one of the worlds leading PEMF manufacturers and the Curatron 3D is the result of years of collaboration with PEMF practitioners worldwide, the result is a system which combines high intensity therapy with innovative software capable of implementing precise customisable treatments.

Biomag Clinic Pro

  • Maximum Intensity - 510 Gauss
  • Recommended for - portability and versatility of treatments

About the Biomag Clinic Pro

At NewMed we understand not all our professionals are based in clinics and many have clients that they visit at home, the Biomag offers a unique solution with a fully portable device that incorporates their patented 3D technology. The Biomag is also compatible with an unbeatable number of additional applicators suitable for any professionals needs.


Q: Do I need training to offer PEMF in my clinic?

No formal training is required to treat people with PEMF therapy, however certain PEMF devices such as the emField pro require training which is included in the price.

Q: My insurance company require me to have training, can you offer this?

Yes we offer practical PEMF training at our UK premises (starting from £700 per person however prices are significantly lower for larger groups) the training is provided by a certified PEMF practitioner so it must be booked ahead and a certificate is provided once the course is complete.

Q: Do I need to call it PEMF therapy?

Not at all, many health clinics and practices use different names such as Magneto-therapy, High inductive therapy and Electromagnetic therapy.

Q: Can I lease a system?

Yes, we offer leasing of our systems through our partners complete leasing solutions, you can see leasing calculators on our product pages if you wish to calculate the weekly payments.

Q: Can I trial a system in my clinic or practice?

Yes, we offer trials on certain systems however this is subject to availability and eligibility. Just get in touch if you would like to discuss a trial.