PEMF Intensity Expalined


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What is intensity for PEMF? 

Intensity should not be confused with frequency. PEMF Intensity is the maximum strength of the magnetic field that the PEMF device is capable of producing, and this is usually measured in Gauss. When using a PEMF device, every cm you move away from the source of the magnetic field the intensity drops significantly. Most devices can be split into low, medium or high intensity by a general rule. Low intensity is within the range of 0.1 - 10 gauss. Medium intensity can be within the range of 10-100 gauss and high intensity 100->1000 gauss.

A simple way to understand intensity is that it you placed a magnet above a higher intensity device (50->100 Gauss) you will feel the magnet moving because the magnetic field is strong enough to move the magnet. On a lower intensity (<50 Gauss) device there will be a magnetic field present however it will not be strong enough to move the magnet. With devices that have the ability to reach about 2,500 gauss and above, the user will feel the pulses and the muscles in the body will begin to react. You don’t need to feel a muscle reaction for PEMF therapy devices to be effective but some users prefer one or the other.

What intensity PEMF should I use?

The maximum intensity (measured in Gauss) cannot be raised however it can be lowered (with some devices) so, devices with higher maximum intensities are usually a better longer-term investment as you have a wider range of intensities and applications for you or your family to choose from. There is no definitive rule around intensities, however you tend to find higher intensity devices in professional settings or with experienced PEMF users, where as low and medium intensity devices tend to be better suited to home users and those starting out on their PEMF journeys. 

What is low intensity PEMF?

Low intensity PEMF devices are usually within the range of 0.1 - 10 gauss. If a manufacturer is marketing their strength in milligauss or microtesla (µT) it usually means they are lower than 1 gauss (G) in strength. From experience, low intensity devices are better suited in the home setting and for general maintenance. 

What is medium intensity PEMF?

Medium intensity PEMF devices can be within the range of 10-100 gauss and these devices start to have much more therapeutic advantages due to these intensities having a larger treatment range. These are also perfect devices found in homecare mainly but they are also good to use for those with more chronic conditions, injury prevention and recovery as well as general maintenance and wellbeing. 

What is high intensity PEMF?

High intensity PEMF devices follow the ranges of 100-1000 gauss and above. These are usually better suited to the experienced or professional users of PEMFs as their treatment range is so large. They also usually require shorter treatment times and less frequent, therefore professional users in clinics tend to prefer these devices as they may only see a client once or twice a week at best. 

High vs Low intensity PEMF?

Low and high frequency PEMFs are both effective and will pass through the body, however, there is a noticeable difference between the effects of using low or high intensity PEMF therapy devices. Some areas of concern within the body may not change without the use of a higher intensity PEMF device which can induce a greater charge to the tissue and in some instances, yield faster results. We don’t usually recommend devices that are lower than 1 gauss, as their treatment range is just too small and may not be as therapeutically beneficial for the end user from our own customers experience and feedback.