How to get the maximum benefits with PEMF therapy
When investing in a PEMF device it's important to know there are various ways you can compliment and improve your PEMF therapy and we have provided some examples below...
Supplement Magnesium
The effects of magnetic therapy happen because of how it acts on Ions (including magnesium) in the body, it’s for this reason that having the correct levels of magnesium in the body is complimentary for PEMF therapy to be even more effective.
Leafy Vegetables
Tips on getting more magnesium
Eating plenty of green leafy vegetables and whole grains is the best way to increase your magnesium intake.

We also supply magnesium supplements here to help keep you topped up on magnesium whilst on the go.
Stay Hydrated
Energy transfers more easily when the body is well hydrated and this makes drinking plenty of water an important part of PEMF therapy.
A Healthy Diet
PEMFs have many applications and work to right a wrong but PEMF therapy cannot counteract the negative effects on your health of an unhealthy diet or lack of physical exercise.

The NHS guidelines suggest making fruit and vegetables take up at least a third of the food we eat.
Some form of daily physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

The NHS guidelines recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity such as cycling or walking every week.
Start Slowly
It’s a common concern when using PEMF therapy for the first time to try to use it as often as possible to get the best out of the therapy.

Whilst there are no known negative effects from using the therapy too much it’s important you set yourself a treatment timeline and work PEMF therapy into your life in the most relaxed way possible. We suggest starting with a daily therapy and start slowly building up from around 30 minutes per day.
PEMF Treatment
Treatment Frequency
The physiological benefits of a PEMF session typically start immediately and these changes in our body last up to around 8 hours which is why many people find having a PEMF session in the morning and the evening works best. The PEMF therapy creates the optimum environment in the body for healing to happen within this time. It is then advised to reapply PEMF so that the benefits can continue.

As everybody is different we encourage you to contact us if you need a personalised recommended 2 week PEMF therapy treatment plan.
The information on this page is not intended to substitute or replace medical or other specific dietary advice. Always consult your medical doctor If you have health concerns