Frequency Expalined


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What is PEMF frequency?

PEMF frequencies are how often per second the magnetic field cycles, and this is measured in Hertz (Hz). One cycle per second would be 1 Hz. Some PEMF devices have adjustable frequencies or pre-set programs that cycle through a number of frequencies. PEMF devices tend to all use extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields as these are all seen to be in the therapeutic range. 

What frequency PEMF should I use?

This all depends on the areas you are looking to improve, there isn’t one frequency to suit all. It is important to vary frequencies too, so your body doesn’t become accustom to one frequency. A lot of devices also use certain frequencies that are best used at certain times of the day so that they harmonise with our brain activity, especially when it comes to sleep as this is important. We can help set up a protocol for you depending on the device you chose and your desired outcomes. 

What is low frequency PEMF?

Most commonly, PEMF devices operate within the extremely low frequency range of 1-100hz on the electromagnetic spectrum, as these are generally seen as the most natural and closest to that of the earth’s magnetic field, which is around 7.8hz. PEMF systems can have a pulse rate of up to 10,000Hz as the maximum as, they do not induce damaging, heating actions in cells or tissues that could occur in frequencies above this limit.  

What is high frequency PEMF?

In society people refer to high frequency EMF’s as those they find in the house from microwave ovens, our phones or wifi routers for example. It is a hotly debated topic (especially in the biohacker space) that high frequency EMF’s are harmful but it is yet to be proved, despite a lot of research around the subject. These frequencies are in the GHz range or even higher. To compare, the 5GHz our phones are now using to move data quickly, translates to 5,000,000,000Hz. 

High vs low frequency PEMF?

Devices that use extremely high electromagnetic frequencies are more commonly being found in our homes to increase convenience and comfort of living in a modern age. These extremely high EMF’s are often referred to as electrosmog and people are becoming more and more conscious of how to reduce these frequencies in their homes through devices such as extremely low frequency pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices. We can reduce the amount of wireless technology devices in our homes but also try to increase exposure to extremely low frequency EMFs by spending more time outside in nature and introducing more natural frequencies back to our homes through low frequency PEMF devices.