PEMF & Arthritis

PEMF can help to relieve the symptoms of Arthritis...

PEMF Arthritis

"I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 10 years ago but I used a natural protocol to deal with the inflammation.

..Since using the therapy these have now gone and my health has improved a lot overall and I have had a better quality of sleep"

- Maria Lopez

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1) Pain Relief

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy can be used to target the pain response centers in the brain. There is extensive research on using PEMF therapy to treat the brain and regulate brain function. This brain research has shown that PEMFs are safe and effective to use across the brain. This includes use of devices across the range of intensity, from very high to low. 

High-intensity PEMFs are often used in the clinical setting, although many people own their own high-intensity systems. Medium to lower intensity PEMF systems are also available and can be used across the brain. PEMFs can help to tone down inflamed and overactive brain functions (hyperexcitability), both by direct tissue actions (repair) and by adjusting brain frequency functions (entrainment)*

2) Improves Blood Flow

Virtually all PEMFs, and even static magnets, improve circulation through at least 7 mechanisms.

  • through dilation of blood vessel

  • reduction of edema, which constrains circulation

  • reduction of platelet adhesivenes

  • reduction of fibronogen and improvement of fibrinolysis*
3) Reduces Inflammation

Significant changes occur in other white blood cells called lymphocytes, from both low intensity, low-frequency PEMF’s and even DC/permanent magnetic fields. PEMFs interact with cellular systems in often unexpected ways. This means that increasing frequency and or intensity does not always produce a one-to-one change in reaction intensity.

PEMF’s inhibit growth and the natural death of unwanted lymphocytes that decreases inflammation. The EMF inhibition of lymphocytes and then inflammatory processes appears to be most obvious 48 and 72 hours after EMF treatment and then the EMF effect seems to disappear. This indicates that the effects of PEMFs can work well with other natural treatments*

*Credit: Dr William Pawluk (Leading expert in PEMF therapy)

Why the Curatron Home?

Curatron Arthritis
Easy to use programs!
The Curatron has 9 easy to use pre-set programs ranging from low to high intensity.

Curatron Arthritis

Leading PEMF device
The Curatron PEMF systems help decrease the pain and swelling by improving and increasing the transport and absorption of calcium in bones, resulting in the improved quality of cartilage in joints and in dramatic decrease of pain.
Curatron Arthritis
Up to 200 Gauss Intensity
The Curatron home has a high intensity 200 Gauss applicator, this is ideal for targeting specific areas and penetrating muscle tissue.

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Clinical Study - PEMF & Arthritis

PEMF Clinical Study Arthritis

"PEMF not only alleviates the pain in the arthritis condition but it also affords chondroprotections
exerts anti-inflammatory action and helps in bone remodelling and this could be developed as a viable alternative for arthritis therapy"

- Low frequency Pulsed Electromagnetic Field -a viable alternative therapy for arthritis. 2009 - Department of Biotechnology, Central Leather Research Institute, Adyar, Chennai 600 020, India.

What our customers say...

"..I honestly think every family should have one - great to help manage and repair chronic illnesses like my son's but also as a boost, when needed, for the rest of the family!"

- Angela

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