Adverse Reactions to PEMF

New users to PEMF therapy, particularly if treating the whole body can experience temporary adverse effects...
PEMF Reaction

Will I have an adverse reaction?

It is estimated that only around 5% of new PEMF therapy users will have adverse reactions and these reactions are temporary.
PEMF Negative reactions

What causes adverse reactions to PEMF?

Adverse reactions are caused by the effects of improved circulation.

Improved circulation is a desired benefit of using PEMF therapy, however in the very short term a sudden increase in circulation can temporarily aggravate the body.
Increased Pain

What are the common adverse reactions to PEMF?

Adverse reactions can include increased pain, slight weakness, dizziness and brain fog.

There is a "worse before better" aspect to these reactions and they will not reflect your long term journey with PEMF.
Slow PEMF Therapy

How can I alleviate adverse reactions?

If you do experience adverse reactions it is important to slow down your use of PEMF therapy without stopping.

Continued use will help your body adjust and an ideal way of doing this is reducing the intensity of the mat or the frequency it is used.
Slow PEMF Therapy

How long do adverse reactions last?

Adverse reactions are typically only experienced in the first week and they are more common when using full body therapy compared to localised used.

How do I reduce the intensity of my full body mat?

Curatron Intensity


On the Curatron Home select only programs 1-4 as they are programmed to use lower intensities. For the XPSE use program 7 as this utilises only one third of the maximum intensity.
Biomag Lumina Intensity

Biomag Lumina

Once you have selected your program you have the option to adjust the intensity (in increments of 10%) so adjust your program to the lowest possible intensity and move it up as you become more acclimatised to the therapy.
OMI Controller


The OMI intensity cannot be adjusted so we suggest reducing the time you use the mat to 10 minutes a session. You can also use just your feet on the mat in the early stages to allow the body time to adjust to the therapy.