Using PEMF on Animals

Using PEMF on Animals

Did you know that PEMF is not exclusive to just us humans? PEMF has been used as a potential wellness tool for pets, helping with various aspects of their health.

Animals respond much quicker than humans to PEMF as they are more sensitive to the therapy, and also due to their accelerated metabolism. PEMFs can help animals to heal quickly after surgery, injury or other ailments. It is for this reason that we have seen an increase in veterinarians using both static and electromagnetic fields in their practices.

You can listen to The PEMF Podcast, where we spoke to Hayley Telling, Veterinary Nurse & Professional Dog Handler who uses PEMF on the animal she works with, listen here.

There are PEMF devices made specifically for your furry friends, see below:

  • Petspemf Pad

A non-invasive PEMF mat which works to relieve your pet’s pain. This device is also easy to clean, with a removable outer cover which can be washed. This device is available in two different sizes, allowing you to choose what device will work best for your pet.

  • Lumina Vet Basic

The Lumina Vet Basic is an easy-to-use device, with 15 pre-set programs for you to choose from to treat your pet exactly how you wish. There is also the option to create custom programs.

  • OMI Mini Mat

This PEMF device was designed to be used by both humans and pets. The small pad size makes it perfect for a full-body mat for smaller pets, and great as a localised device for humans wishing to treat a certain area. This device is an invest for the whole family.

Kelly Smith, owner of Karebear Kennels, commented “Since introducing PEMF therapy into the kennels, I have noticed that the rescue dogs I care for have been recovering than usual. They arrive at the kennels with aches, pains, or injuries, so being able to give them PEMF has been a real benefit for the dogs and my business as they can be re-homed quicker.”

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