Using PEMF as a complementary therapy...

Using PEMF as a complementary therapy...

"Magnetic therapies can, and should be combined with other types of therapeutic approaches." Dr W Pawluk. 

As PEMFs work on a basic level, their effects can be enhanced with the use of other modalities. We wanted to discuss some of the other therapies that can be used alongside PEMF. 

Firstly, massage therapy. PEMF and massage can significantly complement each other. PEMF therapy has been shown to help relax muscles, being able to use PEMF prior to a massage will allow the therapist to get deeper into the tissues much easier. Using both massage therapy and PEMF can help not only prevent problems from worsening but from them developing in the first place. 

Acupuncture is another therapy that is recommended for use alongside PEMF. As pulsed electromagnetic fields act directly on tissues and cells in the area, which will be a much larger area in which the acupuncture will be applied. However, people often feel immediate relief when having acupuncture treatment, but keep in mind this will only be a quick fix. This is why both therapies will work well in conjunction with each other. 

Another therapy that can be used simultaneously with PEMF, is laser therapy. Due to their beam being narrow and focused, and their high intensities & frequencies, they are able to penetrate the body deeper, however using PEMF before, after or during a laser therapy session, you can target a wider area, with lower frequencies. 

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