Step into spring with PEMFs

Step into spring with PEMFs

With the Spring season underway, it’s time to slowly pack away our winter must haves and prepare for sunnier, brighter weather – with better weather comes more time outside, let’s talk about the benefits!

Being outside in natural light can be helpful to those that experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD is a type of depression that affects people during different seasons of the year (more commonly in colder, darker months). Natural light will also positively affect our natural sleep pattern, helping us to feel more tired sand ready for bed of a night time, helping us to get a restorative night’s sleep that’s needed to function properly and effectively.

As well as helping our mental health, warmer weather can encourage us to exercise and move more, as well as offering us a change of environment to gyms/ and working out at home, making it more enjoyable. The NHS recommend that we should do 150 minutes of moderate activity a week, you could do this by taking advantage of warmer, brighter days by going on daily walks or runs.

And we’ve got good news… there are a range of PEMF devices that can be used on the go, meaning you can get the best of both worlds and combine the benefits, some portable PEMF devices include:


The CELLER8 is a fully portable PEMF device that can easily be worn anywhere on the body, that offers easy-to-use, pre-set programs which utilise different frequencies to benefit us at different parts of the day. You can additionally incorporate CELLER8’s portable full-body mat, allowing yourself a full-body PEMF session outdoors also. NP, a CELLER8 customer commented, “My energy has improved significantly, I was struggling with fatigue and keeping up with my day-to-day commitments. I also noticed that my lower backache, which I’ve had for more than a year, has started going away. I love my CELLER8 - I use it twice daily, with the mat, and then the applicator with the night setting positioned at my bedside. I take the applicator with me when I go away, and use it without the mat. I don’t know how I didn’t know about this technology earlier and I’m really happy I made this investment in my health.”

  • Oska Pulse

The Oska Pulse is a class IIA medical device designed to relieve pain at its source through a 90-minute session. With one program at the push of the button, the Oska Pulse is a simple, yet effective PEMF device. Justin, an Oska Pulse user commented, “With years of dealing with hip pain from a sports related injury, I can now get relief drug free. It's small enough to take anywhere you go and hold a charge for hours”

  • FlexPulse

The FlexPulse is a lightweight PEMF device, that includes 2 coils to apply directly to the area you wish to treat. This PEMF device can be used on the go, Abs a FlexPulse user commented “Bought it for neural and spinal applications to help with both sports training as well as brain wave training. Device is very reliable and has never skipped a beat. Charging from empty to full is usually around 1 hour and gives a good half day of continuous use. Felt the difference already in my recovery from training. Placement on the head when working also helps. The small size means I can take it to work or use anywhere I am with ease.”