Starting a Consistent Sleep Routine

Starting a Consistent Sleep Routine

Consistency is key when it comes to PEMF therapy. Like any other wellness techniques, the benefits of PEMF are enhanced when implemented into a regular routine. Just as a healthy diet, or exercise shows results over time, consistent PEMF sessions allow your body to adapt and respond to the therapy. By making PEMF part of your daily or weekly routine, you’re ensuring that you are consistently supporting the body’s natural processes, from improved cellular function to stress reduction and accelerated recovery.

If you have a PEMF device, we challenge YOU to our PEMF sleep challenge this Sleep Better Month.

Our sleep is influenced by many factors, stress levels, hormones, physical activity, caffeine etc. By implementing PEMF into your night time routine you can help create a calming environment for the body to relax. Theta waves (4 – 8 Hz) are associated with a state of relaxation and light sleep, and are often used with PEMF devices to help prepare our bodies to transition into sleep. In devices that have programs intended to be used throughout the night, Delta waves (0.5 – 4 Hz) will be commonly used, these frequencies are used to help keep us in a deep, restorative sleep.

Many PEMF devices have pre-set sleep/ evening programs that will harness frequencies that help us enter a relaxed state in the evening, and some have programs to be used throughout the night with frequencies to help keep up is the deep sleep that is needed for our bodies to recover efficiently. You may also find that other devices have customisable programs, allowing you to change the frequency and intensity of your device.

NP, a CELLER8 user, commented the following;

“My sleep has improved almost immediately with CELLER8 (only after 2 sessions) and has been excellent ever since. I used to have broken sleep and would wake up in the middle of the night or wasn’t able to fall asleep. I realised that even when I thought I was sleeping well it wasn’t as deep and rejuvenating as it has been since using this device. My energy has improved significantly, I was struggling with fatigue and keeping us with my day to day commitments.”

Can you use your PEMF device every day this month? And if you do, let us know if it helps improve your sleep!