Some Self-Care This Valentines Day

Some Self-Care This Valentines Day

Valentines Day is often associated with expressing love for others, but what about showing some love to yourself? Consider showing yourself some love with PEMFs, and make your health and wellbeing number one priority. 

Self love is the foundation for our overall wellness, helping to support various aspects of our wellbeing including both our physical and mental health. PEMFs can help you on your self care journey in many way...

- Stress reduction:

Self-love involves minimising stress, helping us make room for feeling relaxed. PEMF therapy has been shown to help reduce stress by promoting relaxation, and calming the nervous system. Many will use PEMF alongside more traditional relaxation techniques such as meditation to help enhance the effects. 

- Enhanced sleep quality:

A key component to our self-care is making sure that we are getting plenty of rest and rejuvenation. PEMF has the potential to influence brainwave activity, particularly promoting the transition from beta waves (associated with wakefulness) to alpha and theta waves (associated with relaxation and sleep), in turn helping our body's be in the right state for a good night sleep.

- Boosted energy levels:

Loving yourself involves making sure you are taking care of your bodies vitality. PEMF therapy has been associated with increased energy levels, helping you feel more prepared to tackle your day with enthusiasm.

- Circulation and vitality:

We all need to make sure that we are showing our bodies love from the inside and out. PEMF therapy stimulates blood flow and circulation, contributing to improved oxygenation of tissues and enhancing overall vitality. 

How can you incorporate PEMF into your routine you ask? 

- Morning awakening:

Begin your day with a PEMF session to energise your body and mind. Set some positive intentions in your mind for the day ahead, allowing the electromagnetic fields to boost your energy levels and mental clarity.

- Midday recharge:

Allow yourself to have a break in your day for a little midday pick me up session with your PEMF device. You can provide yourself with a natural energy boost to get you through the rest of your day, with many devices allowing you to use them on the go. 

- Evening wind-down:

Prepare for your evening with a PEMF session geared towards relaxation. Pair it with calming activities such as meditation or reading to create a tranquil bedtime routine.

 By introducing a stress reducing, energy-boosting technique, you will really show your bod the self-love that it deserves. Make a commitment to yourself today and invest in a PEMF device here.