Sleeping soundly with PEMFs

Sleeping soundly with PEMFs

Finding an optimal environment for a restful nights sleep can be difficult, as can trying to wind-down after a busy day. PEMFs can be a natural, holistic approach that could potentially help transform your night time routine.

Sleep disturbances are very common, in a survey, Mental Health UK discovered that 79% of brits struggle to switch of a bedtime, as well as 60% waking up throughout the night with thoughts of work and other worries. With the most common knock-on effects being tiredness, becoming less productive, feeling snappy, and feeling over-emotional. 

PEMF therapy has positive effects on calming the brain and on regulating circadian rhythms. Disturbed circadian rhythms have an important role in controlling our sleep patterns and cycles, and stresses, whether physiologic or emotional, can effect circadian rhythms. 

When we go to sleep, we will go through specific brainwave frequency patterns including theta when we first fall asleep (4-7 Hz), and delta when in our most deep sleep (1-4 Hz). 

There are many PEMF devices that can help us harness these frequencies needed to help us get a deep, restorative sleep. With many devices having pre-set night/ evening programs, or other devices allowing you to create your own programs utilising the frequencies you wish harness. As well helping to influence brainwave activity, PEMFs can help with other factors that can affect our sleep including improving circulation, reducing inflammation, and helping to reduce stress. 

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