Now available at NewMed: The Hugo

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Now available at NewMed: The Hugo

Have you seen that here at NewMed we supply both the Hugo Intense and Hugo Pro? Two high intensity PEMF devices for both your home and clinic!

So, what’s the difference between the two?

The Hugo Intense is for those looking for high intensity PEMF at home, this unique PEMF device uses dual body mats that deliver high intensity PEMFs above and below simultaneously. The Intense delivers an intensity range of 5000-7500 Gauss. Included with this device is a single loop coil that can be moved over the body for more managed and targeted treatments, with approximately 5000 Gauss for the single coil.

The Hugo Pro is intended for clinic and professional use, delivering you an incredible intensity range of 8000-12000 Gauss! The Pro is in a whole different league! Included with this device as well as the dual body mats, is a double loop coil, a single loop coil and a long rope coil. The double loop coil allowing you to treat two people in the same session, and with the long rope coil you will have the choice of more treatment options and it can be used for equine treatments as well. We also offer optional training alongside every purchase of the Hugo Pro; we can give you an explanations and tips on how to use the Pro correctly and efficiently.

Both Hugo units are wheeled for easy transportation, and cases can be closed for safe storage of your device.

Do you want to find out more about the Hugo devices? Click here or feel free to get in contact us at or phone at 08081689282