NewMed teams up with the experts to offer PEMF devices for healthcare professionals

NewMed teams up with the experts to offer PEMF devices for healthcare professionals

NewMed partners with a number of clinics following the launch of their new PEMF range aimed at professionals


NewMed Ltd., based in Kent, has teamed up with a number of complementary and alternative healthcare experts following the launch of their new division, which offers PEMF therapy for professionals. Their latest range of practitioner-ready devices offers PEMF therapy at much higher intensities for stimulating cellular repair to improve your body’s overall performance, including improving recovery time, pain-relief and sleep.


An idea harnessed by NASA, Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy uses the Earth’s magnetic fields in a concentrated manner to provide non-invasive and drug-free pain relief. It has been used safely and effectively throughout Europe for over 50 years, and subject to over 7000 clinical trials on a variety of applications.


Deborah McNair, Managing Director at Restoring Health, explains, “I have to admit when I first heard about PEMF therapy I was sceptical, but because of my studies in Human Movement Science and Biokinetics I understood the science behind it. NewMed helped me find the right device for my clinic and after integrating PEMF therapy into my routines, I can honestly say the results have been astonishing; I have seen vast improvements in my clients and receive endless comments about their reduced pain and improved sleep.”


Jonathan Spooner, Principle PEMF Therapist & Training Assessor, adds, “I have teamed up with NewMed Ltd. to offer PEMF therapy training. The proven benefits of using PEMF in healthcare practices are phenomenal this course enables you to treat your clients with confidence when using PEMF.”