New PEMF device for animals!

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New PEMF device for animals!

We have added a new range of devices to PEMF 4 Pets. The Lumina Vet Basic and Lumina Vet Pro from Biomag® are low frequency PEMF devices that fully penetrate the animal’s whole body without any negative side effects.

The Lumina Vet range is suitable for veterinary use and provides top quality Pulsed Electromagnetic therapy with 15 sophisticated pre-set programs. The Lumina Vet is transportable making it an efficient and practical PEMF device for animals.

Why use PEMF for animals?

There are many conditions that animals have which are responsive to PEMF therapy; these include injuries, arthritis, wounds, skin disorders, diabetes, fractures, cancers and many more. Animals can also benefit from health maintenance like us, and so using PEMF therapy regularly can optimise the level of health in the physiology of the animal, which could result in decreased vet bills, medications, therapies, diets and so on.

PEMF therapy is perfect for animals big and small. Pets, equines, camels and even koalas!

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