Meditation and PEMF!

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Meditation and PEMF!

Did you know that you can use your PEMF therapy devices to help get the most out of your meditation sessions? 

But firstly, what is meditation? 

It is a set of techniques that are used to help reduce stressful or distracting thoughts and feelings, and to help clear the mind. Many people implement meditation into their lives to help improve their focus and to reduce stress. 

If you're starting to think about implementing meditation, or are new to doing so, you'll want to make sure that you find a quiet place where you are able to relax and get comfortable enough to sit still for a period of time. You will also want to find a position that you are happy to sit still in, and this doesn't have to be a position that is traditionally associated with meditating! 

Then as we mentioned, make sure you have your PEMF device to hand! One of the most popular applications of PEMF is for deep relaxation, and some devices have programs that can help to induce an alpha state. An alpha state is where the mind is awakened, yet relaxed at the same time, and also ready to focus and learn. PEMFs that are between 14 - 30 Hz can also help to heighten the brain's beta waves, these can help to aid the brain's ability to process information more efficiently. 

You could use your full-body PEMF therapy mat as a yoga mat, or simply meditate with your localised PEMF device attached to a part of the body.