Has the London Marathon got you inspired? Using PEMF therapy to enhance running sessions

Has the London Marathon got you inspired? Using PEMF therapy to enhance running sessions

Has the London Marathon got you inspired to start running? Let’s talk about how implementing PEMF into your new hobby (or existing hobby if you’re already into you running) can help you achieve the best results…

PEMF is more commonly being used in the world of sports and fitness, and shows promising benefits for those involved. Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts have reported positive experiences, a Flex Pulse user commented “pain due to sore, achy muscles and joints has dramatically decreased. Recovery after workouts and long runs has sped up dramatically and muscle fatigue has been greatly decreased. Energy levels have increased. I am recording personal best training times and am at least 2 months ahead of my normal ranges. Weekly training time and distances have increased due to overall energy and stamina increases.”

So, how can PEMF aid running?

  • Pre-Run Preparation:

PEMF sessions before a run cam serve as an effective warm-up strategy, PEMFs help to promote increased blood circulation, and to help enhance muscle flexibility. With localised PEMF devices, you can also target specific areas that are prone to discomfort, this will help in promoting the relaxation of muscles and prepares them for the physical demand of running.

  • Post-Run Recovery:

After running, you could use PEMF to help support your recovery. PEMFs work to reduce inflammation supporting overall recovery. You can apply PEMF to areas of the body that experienced more stress or pain during the run. The relaxing effects of PEMF therapy may help to reduce stress and tension in both the muscles and nervous system, this can contribute to an overall sense of relaxation, which can help to contribute to a faster recovery.

  • Injury Prevention

PEMFs may help with the stimulation of cellular activity, this simulation may help to support the repaid and regeneration of joint tissues, contributing to improved joint function. Tension in muscles can also contribute to muscle stiffness, as mentioned above, PEMFs may promote muscle relaxation, alleviating tightness and stiffness that can hinder joint movement.

Take a look at localised PEMF devices to be used on the runs here.

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