A Guide to the Top 5 Full-Body PEMF Devices on the Market

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A Guide to the Top 5 Full-Body PEMF Devices on the Market

I was fed up of seeing manufacturers of PEMF therapy devices circulating “un-biased” reviews of PEMF devices when their device always comes top. You can tell it’s them, as most of them link to their shop page at the bottom. They use tactics such as stating their ‘key selling features’ are a must-have in a device and without these key features you won’t get the results. Also, commonly the WAVEFORM is referenced a lot as this is something else you can change by the manufacturer, but many argue that the variations of the waveform are not that effectual. They know that by using these tactics they rule out the competition without bad-mouthing them, but it’s just simply not factual. Yes, some devices have features that others don’t, but do we need these features or is it just clever marketing?

As Managing Director of a company who specialise in PEMF devices from a range of manufacturers and many years’ experience in the field, I have decided to write my own, independent review of PEMF therapy devices from listening to our customer’s feedback and experiences. Hopefully, this will help others when making decisions on investing in their own device.

When we strip back to the fundamentals of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Devices. What is important? What makes a good device? The range of FREQUENCIES offered the INTENSITY settings and the placement of the coils that generate the pulsed magnetic fields. Do we need any additional smart features? Do we need any additional gadgets? 9 times out of 10… no! You just need a tried and tested system, something which is offering you the right range of frequencies and intensity for your specific needs.

It is also narrow-minded to state that there is one device that fits all. We can get close to saying this with some of the top-rated devices, but everyone is different and everyone reacts differently to the therapy. The therapy is not condition-specific and this is why we encourage our customers to contact us in the first instance so we can do our best to point them in the right direction. This also depends on the time someone has to dedicate to sitting on one of the devices for any given time period each day.

So, let’s get to it…

No.1:  Curatron XPSE (also referred to as Parmeds Pro Special in some countries) 

The Curatron XPSE model is one of our most popular systems and in our opinion the ‘Gold Standard’ when it comes to PEMF therapy for the home setting. Curatronic have been in the market for many years and there is a reason for this. Their device is extremely well made and although it may appear slightly dated, there is no reason to update its look. These devices very rarely come back to us for any technical issues and the customer return rate for the satisfaction of results is nearly negligible.

Curatron devices set themselves aside from the rest as they offer some of the highest intensity in their full-body mats that you are likely to find on the homecare market and we see such quick results because of this. There are many arguments online about low vs high-intensity devices (mostly written by low-intensity manufacturers), but how can we argue when the results are right in front of us and the customer feedback of these devices are always outstanding. As well as the impressive intensities these devices offer, you have the ability to reduce the power using certain programs, which allows it to offer high and medium intensity in one.

The mat itself is comfortable to lay on, which again is important when you will be spending a lot of time on these. They can be placed on a bed, a large sofa, or therapy bed in a spare room, so you can enjoy some alone time. The coils inside are also quite unique to other systems. They are large coils using a lot of copper wire and a lot thicker than most systems as this is mainly to create those high intensities. Another result of these thicker coils is that we never see any issues with them breaking, which is a more common problem with lower intensity devices. Once a copper wire inside breaks the circuit is no longer complete and the device will need to be repaired, but this is not really an issue with the Curatron units.

The device only has 10 pre-set programs, which I see as a huge benefit. You really do not need a million different programs when it comes to PEMF devices. It’s better to make the use of the system simple and so you will use it more often. The programs themselves rarely stay on one frequency, so they still offer the body a range of frequencies to avoid becoming accustomed to one frequency. If you require the ability to design your own program, you can with their PC compatible version of the XPSE or their more expensive and even higher intensity version called the 3D.

Overall the Curatron XPSE is a very well rounded device. If you have the budget, then this is the one you should go to get the best and quickest results. As with all PEMF devices, we still encourage a healthy lifestyle and diet including vitamins to get the most out of them, plus staying hydrated. The XPSE definitely gets the results and with the intensities, it offers its great for long term chronic conditions as well as those conditions that require deeper penetration, such as bone and cartilage issues.

No.2: Hugo Intense

The Hugo Intense (and Pro) devices offer one of the highest intensities possible in a full body option. The full body applicator on the Hugo’s range from 6000-8000 Gauss, which packs a punch and for a full body option, I wouldn’t suggest going any higher than this, simply because there is no need. Most full body PEMF devices, you cannot feel the therapy but with these devices you can feel each pulse. Depending how confident you are, you can turn these up to create quite the sensation in your muscles as it stimulates the cells in the body.

The Hugo Intense variant is designed for home use and the Pro version is designed to be used multiple times per day in a professional setting. As a home user, you wouldn’t need to use the Intense more than once or twice per day on a 12minute setting. So, if you don’t have time in the day and you want to reach very high intensities then this is a good device for you.

Here’s the down side... These devices use ‘spark gap’ technology. Most modern PEMF devices now use ‘solid state’ technology, which effectively means that if you look after your device, it will never breakdown. Spark gap means that over time the device will wear out and at one point it may stop working completely. This would then require a chamber replacement. NewMed offer a complete chamber replacement including parts and return shipping for just under £900, but some suppliers may vary. To reach these intensities a lot of manufacturers will opt for spark gap technology, but you just need to factor in that with regular use you are likely to be changing the chamber every 2-3 years. Also, this device does not have the ability to set a specific frequency. There is only a dial to change the intensity from low to high as they base their results on using very high intensity rather than a specific frequency. Despite these two downsides, I still hold these devices very high up my list of favourites and it’s quickly becoming my device of choice in the office due to its intensities and little time needed to take out of my day each time I use it. The full body option and intensities of this device make it very popular with a lot of customers.

Thanks for their ‘CE certification’ we are able to now offer this device in the UK and EU, which a lot of PEMF devices in these intensity ranges do not have, making them illegal to sell here. It’s always worth asking a manufacturer if they have these certifications as all of our supplied devices have. If they cannot provide it, you will almost certainly have issues importing them and also have issues getting insurance if you intent to use them on others.

No.3: CELLER8 Full Body Package

CELLER8 full-body mat with localised device

The CELLER8 is a very new PEMF device, launched late 2023 and actually a device I designed and created myself, yes that’s right! I have been involved with PEMF devices now for over 10 years and used so many variants personally. I have done my best to create a device that ticks the most boxes when it comes to technical ability, portability, intensity, affordability and all in a sexy design. With the help of my family medical business (Bedfont Scientific Ltd), we have designed and manufactured something very special. The only reason this is not my number one on this list is because the other two devices above offer higher intensities and have been on the market longer, but they come with the obvious price difference, making the CELLER8 the perfect device for 95% of the home users that want one device that suits most needs and fits into their busy lives the most. It also helps to show that this review is un-biased as it can be.

My biggest issue with PEMF devices is that people would invest a lot of money in them but for one reason or another they wouldn’t use them and therefore they won’t get the results they deserve. Issues of time constraints or usability would prevent a user from getting the necessary sessions they need to feel a difference quickly. Therefore, I wanted CELLER8 to fit into their lives rather than having to dedicate a lot of time to it. The CELLER8 is a localised controller and applicator that you can use all the time or for short sessions. But you can strap it on and go, and that’s very important when you have a targeted issue. But a huge benefit with the full body package is that you can simply plug in the full body mat to the CELLER8 and use it anywhere too. The battery in the CELLER8 is super powerful and medically approved, therefore it will power both the localised controller (100 gauss) and the mat (50 gauss) without the need to locate yourself next to a plug socket. I want people to have the freedom to introduce PEMFs on their morning commute, during a meditation session or even whilst doing yoga. For us less supple, its just a super convenient device to sit on for full body PEMFs when using for so many different applications or just a targeted device on the move.

If you are new to PEMFs too, this is a great all-rounder device. It only has 4 preset programs and 1 additional custom program to make it as easy to use as possible. The 4 preset harness a number of different frequencies that are better through different times in the day. This includes ‘Morning’, ‘Evening’, ‘Meditation’ and ‘Night’ modes. So, whether you are trying to apply PEMFs for general health and wellbeing, to encourage deep sleep or for something more chronic, these programs have it all covered by cycling frequencies that are all beneficial. If you are old school and want to set a specific frequency and stick to it, then use the ‘Custom’ mode to enable you to do this.

Everything is adjustable on the CELLER8 including the intensity, frequency, time, sound and polarity, but to keep it simple, just stick to the preset and preloaded programs and it couldn’t be easier. The ‘Night’ mode even gives you the ability to set it to up to 12 hours to be your portable sleep buddy.  

After 6 long years in development, I am glad this PEMF device is now available and I can proudly say this is one of the easiest and most portable full body mats on the market with a low to high intensity range and affordable price. Later this year the travel mat and pet mat will be released for the CELLER8 too, which is an optional extra to the standard package. So, keep an eye out for these too.



The PENTON PRO is also a newly launched device towards the early part of 2023 and new to this review and will for sure keep moving up this list over time and when we have more customer feedback.

The PENTON PRO has a really unique feature that a lot of other PEMF devices just doesn’t offer. The only program built into it, called ‘Natural Progressive’ mode, offers the ability to use up to 4 applicators and locate them around a room or the house. These applicators all offer up to 2,500 gauss strength and are designed to create a harmonised environment within that room. The frequency in this mode will automatically change every 20 minutes, with a 20-minute rest for the device in-between sessions. It’s perfect for getting your daily dose of PEMFs without having to lay still or dedicate time to a device. It’s also been used under a bed for example, so that the user can get PEMFs while they sleep. As the device offers such high intensities the range is also very beneficial and means it can be applied further way from you if that’s the best or easiest way for you to get your session each day without disrupting your busy life.

As well as this unique feature of the ‘harmony’ applicators, the PENTON PRO can also be bought with a full body mat included. This way you can really send your body to orbit with the high intensities applied directly through contact to this mat. A down side to this device is that the only other way to apply a session is by selecting one frequency at a time. Some users prefer this and they only want to apply one frequency at a time, but more of the full body mats on the market offer programs that harness multiple frequencies to hit more than one issue at a time.

Overall, the device has been designed well and looks like it would last a lifetime! The mat and applicators are quite heavy compared to other systems but mainly that is down to the intensity it offers and the raw materials of copper needed to generate these intensities. The cables to the mat can be zipped away in a handy pouch at the top of the mat when its folded and not in use. The applicators are made in a sturdy material so, there is no worry about dropping them or any wear and tear over the years of use. Because, lets face it, the cost of these PEMF devices, you want them to last a lifetime and I am sure the PENTON PRO would do just that. 

No. 5: BioMag Lumina Home Package

The BioMag Lumina 3D-E is a medium to high-intensity device and is also a top favourite of ours and our customers, for so many reasons. This device is proud to hold many medical registrations in Europe. It comes with 6 pre-set and easy-to-use programs, including the ability to make your own unique program (if purchasing the clinic upgrade). As I said before it’s best to keep it simple. But if you have a number of friends/ family that want to use it or even thinking of setting up your own clinic, then you can upgrade the device by just inputting a code and then you will have easy access to more features such as intensity controls to really alter the programs that are right for you. The individual allows you to set your own frequency, intensity and time (as mentioned, clinic upgrade needed), if there is a certain program you want to design yourself. People often want to be able to do this when they have seen a successful study for their condition and they want to replicate it, but we often say that other programs are likely to work too, so this feature is not a necessity… but certainly nice to have. Usually, pre-set programs call upon the use of more than one frequency per program which we believe is much better than just setting the device to only use one frequency for the duration. It is possible for the body to become accustomed to one frequency and therefore it becomes less effective over time. Chop and changing between the 6 already pre-set programs gives the body all the tools needed to repair.

There are options to take this device with a “Full Body” mat or a “¾ length” mat. I actually prefer the 3/4 length mat as it has its own advantages, as it can easily be used on a chair as well as a sofa and bed. This mat also makes it more portable and smaller to carry around. It also makes it possible to use it wrapped around a certain limb to intensify the treatment in that area. They call it the 3D effect.

For its portability, ease of use, the price point in the market, and results, it gets a huge thumbs up from myself and the team at NewMed.

Why can’t you find a PEMF device on our list of top 5, which you expected to see there?

This could be for a number of reasons but most of these are quite simple. We don’t endorse ‘multi-level marketing or selling techniques’, (MLM) which unfortunately some on the PEMF manufacturers adopt. The common result of multi-level selling is that the price of the device is commonly very high for its technical abilities. That’s not to say that the device is not good, but it could mean that you are paying more for your buck. These are very often the same manufacturers that use key selling features as a ‘must-have’.

It could also be because the devices are not available in Europe and don’t have the certifications needed to sell in the UK and Europe. Therefore, we don’t have experience with them and we cannot comment.

Lastly, it could just be because the device simply didn’t make our top 5, recommended by our customers.

For more assistance you can find a BUYERS GUIDE on our website HERE. This has a useful table with listed conditions and the most beneficial intensity as recommended by Dr Pawluk in the USA, who is a guru when it comes to PEMF devices and probably one of the most experienced practitioners in the field of PEMF’s.

The devices mentioned in this review and their comments are the opinions of our own and our customers, they are not to replace any medical advice obtained by a doctor and we do not claim to be medical professionals.