Health Topic: Multiple Sclerosis

PEMF and MS intro

Multiple Sclerosis

Our health topic for June is Multiple Scelorisis.

Here at NewMed we are often asked about how PEMF relates to MS and its symptoms, on this page we examine PEMF and Multiple Scelorisis and give guidance to those with MS looking to use PEMF therapy to have a positive effect on their symptoms.


PEMF what is MS?

What is MS?

Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease affecting the central nervous system. The protective sheath that covers the nerve cells in the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves are damaged, inflamed and hardened.

MS affects more than 2 million people worldwide (1)

Can PEMF treat MS?

No, and there is currently no cure. PEMF has been shown in some studies to alleviate symptoms of MS however it is not a condition specific therapy and is designed to help the whole body rather than a specific condition

Clinical Studies: PEMF & MS

MS and eyesight


MS often negatively affects a persons eyesight causing double vision and optic neuritis whereby the optic nerves become inflamed.

PEMF has been shown to alleviate these symptoms as it helps with re-myelination (regrowth of myelin) and reducing inflammation.(2,3)
PEMF MS and Spasticity

Spasticity of the Limbs

MS often leads to spacity which is a weakening and stiffening of the limbs, this can cause pain and result in physical changes such as a change in posture.

In a study PEMF was shown to alleviate spacity and pain.(4)
PEMF and mental health

Mental Health

MS can have significant effects on mental health, the onset of so many different symptoms can lead to feelings of hopelessness and frustration.

PEMF has been show to have positive effects on mental health (5)

What do the PEMF experts say?

Dr Pawluk
"MS is a complex disorder for which there is no cure...although (PEMF studies in MS) demonstrate positive outcomes overall, they have somewhat varied outcomes individually... there is evidence to indicate that PEMFs of various intensities and designs may all facilitate various aspects of dysfunction and disability associated with MS....

high intensity PEMFs, with multiple courses of multiple treatments, can produce enduring results for variable periods of time beyond therapy, up to several weeks or months after treatment" (6)
- Dr William Pawluk (a leading expert on PEMF therapy)


More research is needed into PEMF therapy and its effects on MS. Although it cannot be described as a treatment for MS it could be considered as a way to alleviate symptoms and help to manage MS for some sufferers.

PEMF is know to have positive effects on the body and mind and these effects can be of particular benefit to those with long term chronic conditions such as MS.

Curatron 3D with Butterfly Coil

For long term chronic conditions NewMed recommends a higher intensity device and a system such as the Curatron 3D would be ideal.

The Curatron 3D is a unique PEMF system with the highest intensity full body mat (500 Gauss) on the market and a powerful 1600"butterfly" localised applicator can also be added to the system

3D Program Customisation

The Curatron 3D include PC connectivity allowing the user to create custom programs and adjust intensity, frequency and duration.

The Butterfly Coil Applicator

Curatron Butterfly Coil
The butterfly coil is a unique "figure 8" coil design which is modelled on the effective coil designs used in rTMS treatments. (7)

The figure 8 or "butterfly" coil design allows for deeper localised treatment .
Curatron 3D Coil
The butterfly coil produces very high intensity (1600 Gauss) localised PEMF therapy. It is particularly effective at penetrating deep into tissue and muscle.




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5) R. Sandyk, “Suicidal Behavior is Attenuated in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis Treatment with Electromagnetic Fields,” International Journal of Neurosci, 87(1-2), October 1996, p. 5-15.




The information on this page is not intended to substitute or replace medical advice. Always consult your medical doctor If you have health concerns. The product recommendations on this page are the opinions of NewMed, Curatronic do not make any medical claims regarding MS and the Curatron 3D device.