August Health Topic - PEMF and Mental Wellbeing

Stress and PEMF
A recent survey has found that over 69% of UK adults are concerned about the effects the COVID-19 outbreak has had on their mental health.
Mental Wellbeing Concerns during lockdown
When surveyed the most common issues affecting mental wellbeing of the UK population during lockdown were:

  • 63% felt concerned about the future
  • 56% felt stressed or anxious
  • 49% felt bored

Can PEMF therapy help mental wellbeing?

PEMF and the brain
PEMF therapy helps the mind much in the way it helps the body by increasing blood flow, reducing inflammation and promoting faster healing (2)
PEMF Frequencies and the Brain
Double blind studies have shown PEMF can have a positive influence on mental health, one study found that PEMF prompted greater than 10% significant improvement in mood after just one 20-minute treatment in patients (2)
Although PEMF is known to have a positive impact on mental health it works best when used alongside other positive mental health contributors such as exercise, social interaction and a healthy diet.

What about PEMF frequencies, how do they affect the mind?

Brainwave entrainment is often combined with PEMF and it is the practice of using frequencies to stimulate the brain in an attempt to adjust brain activity. (3)

PEMF programs designed to affect the mood often use certain frequencies, the dominant brainwaves are below:
(14-30 Hz)
Beta waves are dominant when we are awake and our consciousness is normally alert.
(9-13 Hz)
Alpha waves are dominant when we are relaxed (yet still awake) but less alert and perceptive.
(4-8 Hz)
Theta waves are dominant when we are in a state of reduced consciousness such as  light and REM sleep.
(30 Hz+)
Gamma waves have the highest frequencies and are dominant in states with heightened perception.

Which is the best PEMF device for mental wellbeing?

As the UK's one stop shop for PEMF therapy, NewMed have a wide range of devices suitable for mental wellbeing including the Flexpulse, Curatron and the Bellabee. Our latest addition is the Neorhythm which is designed specifically for the mind and positively influencing mental wellbeing.

NeoRhythm relaxation study

Stress and the Neorhythm
During these uncertain times relaxation is becoming increasingly important and a recent double blind study proved the NeoRhythm is effective in assisting with relaxation (4)
NeoRhythm Study
The study measured physiological parameters and showed 56% of participants felt more relaxed after using the NeoRhythm (4)
NeoRhythm for relaxation
The full NeoRhythm relaxation study is available online, please click here or the link below to read the full study:
Click here to read the full study

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