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Biomag Lumio

Compact, Low weight and easily portable! The Biomag Lumio is a perfect introductory system to the Biomag range and is capable of connecting two independently attachable applicators.

The Biomag® Lumio system (magnetotherapeutic device Biomag® Lumio and connectable applicators) is designed for application on all parts of the body for all age groups (from 3 years of age) to improve regeneration of the body, soothe pain, stimulate metabolism, enhance the immune system and maintain good health.

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Warranty and Support

Technical Specifications
Maximum Intensity 12 Gauss (Body Mat) 
Number of applicators included 2
Number of programs 4
Program Frequencies 1 - 81hz
EMC- Electromagnetic Compatibility CSN EN 60601-1-2
Ambient temperature around the device .+5°C TO + 35°C
Dimensions 152mm x 93mm x 34mm 
Device Weight 0.18Kg
Battery type  no battery
Operation time  15min up to 120min
Warranty 2 years

Biomag Lumio Easy - Specifications

The Biomag Lumio Easy includes:

  • High efficiency PEMF device with easy operation
  • Large range of applicators, unique software, optimised magnetic pulse profile to the requirements of each program
  • Selection of frequency from 1 Hz to 81 Hz, at 1-Hz increments
  • Special program for water magnetisation
  • Text menu listing therapeutic programs
  • (Optional) Combination of polarised light and magnetic field in the AL16- LUM applicator
  • System information displayed on a display
  • Two outputs with identical parameters
  • The selected frequency is automatically wobbled
  • Attractive and smart design of the device and applicators
  • Washable applicators

What's Included?

All 3 Included in the price!

Lumio Easy Controller
Main controlled Biomag Controller
Body Mat Applicator
460 x 1,350 mm x 28 mm
Carry Case
High Quality & Washable

Optional Extra

Biomag magnetic therapy applicator combined with polarised light

The AL16 is a localised PEMF and Polarized light applicator, it delivers a medium intensity (160 Gauss) PEMF therapy and the polarized light which can be switched on or off during the therapy.

Magnetic therapy local applicator combined with polarised light.

Applicator dimensions: width 130 mm, length 165 mm, height 24 mm, weight 0.45 kg

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