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OMI PEMF Therapy Full Body Mat
What's Included?
  • 1 x Full Body Mat 65”x25” (165 cm x 65cm)
  • 1 x Controller
  • 1 x DC Mains Power Adaptor
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x Free NewMed Giftbox (Worth £35)

Maximum Intensity: 220 MicroTesla (2.2 Gauss)

Frequency Range: 1-99Hz

Pure Copper Coils: 8

Warranty: 3 Years

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Easy to use
Just 3 programs for all applications!
OMI Program 1
Morning to Afternoon
Program 1

Program 1 is between 12 – 22 Hz. This program is designed to pulse between 12-22hz and this higher frequency is recommended for use when using the mat in the mornings or afternoon.

OMI Program 2
 Program 2 

Program 2 has a frequency range between 8 – 12 Hz. These are particular good frequencies when you would like to unwind so we recommend that you use these in the evening.
OMI Program 3
Customise your Therapy
Program 3 

Have you read a clinical study into PEMFs which uses a particular frequency? or do you just want to experiment on finding the best setting for you? Good news! the OMI PEMF device includes program 3 which allows you to choose your own frequency between 1-99hz!
Unpacking your OMI PEMF Device
It's easier than you think to unpack the OMI PEMF mat and start PEMF therapy, watch the video below to find out more
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