COVID-19 and PEMF therapy

PEMF - Your perfect work from home companion

NeoRhythm working from home
With so many of us now working from home, did you know PEMFs can help keep you relaxed and reduce aches and pains from working at your dining table or sofa?
Biomag - Working From Home
The Biomag Lumina Home has a flexible body mat which fits perfectly on a chair, it is ideally suited for PEMF therapy sessions whilst working from home.
The NeoRhythm has a range of low frequency programs for calm and relaxation and can help reduce stress when working from home.


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What is Covid-19?
COVID-19 is the infectious disease caused by the most recently discovered coronavirus. This new virus and disease were unknown before the outbreak began in Wuhan, China, in December 2019. (1)
Biobalance in Nature
Can I continue to use my PEMF mat?
Yes! for many people PEMF is a normal part of their health routine and we encourage you to continue using the therapy, PEMF is used worldwide to keep athletes and home users in peak condition so there is more reason than ever to continue using PEMF therapy
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Can using PEMF help fight coronavirus?
No, there is no evidence to suggest that using PEMF helps fight viruses and it is not a condition specific therapy. PEMF has many applications and is used to improve overall health and wellbeing
PEMFs and Immunity
Can PEMF help my immune system?
PEMF has been shown to have a positive influence on your immune system (2) (3) and can help modulate the immune response in the presence of infection.(4)
PEMF for Sleep and Immunity

What other effects on my immune system does PEMF have?

Missing out on sleep can adversely affect your immune system (5) PEMFs have been shown to reduce sleep disturbances and help improve the quality of sleep
Dr Pawluk
What do the PEMF experts say?
"there is no research evidence to support the use of PEMFs specifically to help with coronavirus...that being said it is worth considering the use of PEMFs to help with not only dealing with viruses specifically but with keeping tissues healthier" - Dr William Pawluk (6)
Curatron Home
What benefits could using PEMF have at this time?
Reducing stress is a common application of PEMF therapy, in these uncertain times it is an ideal device to use at home that could help to keep you calm and relaxed
Staff Protection

Are NewMed Staff Protected?

Yes, NewMed have put in place several steps to protect our employees (including strict social distancing measures, working from home where possible and providing PPE) we remain committed to keeping our staff and customers safe.
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Are NewMed Open?

Yes the office and telephone lines are open and deliveries remain unaffected, Public Health England have advised that people receiving parcels are not at risk of contracting the coronavirus (7)

If you wish to get in touch with the team please call 0808 1689 282 or click here to use our live chat.


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