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OSKA pulse 180 minute
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Oska Pulse is a Class IIA medical device designed to relieve pain at its source through a 180-minute session. This upgrade from the 90 minute version is still lightweight, portable, and can be worn on any part of your body where there is pain, thanks to the adjustable strap included with every Oska Pulse. With a single button click to start the device, Oska is quick and easy to use.

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FlexPulse Gen2
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It’s ultra-light controller and PEMF pads are easy to carry, wear and use. With 10-programs that range from 3 Hz to 1000 Hz, it’s a complete PEMF therapy system for personal use at anytime and anywhere. Recover faster, think clearer, feel better! 

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xpse unit
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The Curatron XPSE is the most popular Curatron model used by health care practitioners and home care therapy for informed individuals. It is based on state-of-the-art technology generating Frequency Modulated Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF).

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Vigo Energy Pal (Energy5) PEMF device
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The Vigo Energy Pal 5 delivers five natural energies that mimic the harmonic powers from the earth itself.

Class II medical device certified by Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare.