Biomag Lumina Vet Comfort (Equine)

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What's Included?

Lumina Vet Controller
1 x Lumina Vet Controller (with internal battery)
Fully portable and includes 15 pre-set programs
Lumina Vet AL135-2C
1 x AL135-2C
6 Piece Mat Applicator
L3 Lumina Vet Case
1 x Carry Case
Includes Zip Lock, Dimensions: 47.5 x 49 x 19.5cm
Lumina Vet Manual
1 x User Manual
Includes quick start guide, list of programs and their applications.
Lumina Vet Controller
1 x Al64
2 Piece Applicator
Lumina Vet AL135-2C
1 x AL16-LUM
High intensity light and PEMF applicator
L3 Lumina Vet Case
Fixators x 3
These accessories allow applicators AL135-2C, AL64 and AL16 to be attached to a horse.

What's the AL16-LUM?

Biomag Vet AL16LUM
The AL16-LUM is a high intensity applicator offering a combination of light and PEMF therapy. It has a maximum intensity of 160 Gauss.

160 Gauss PEMF therapy

Frequency and Intensity

The Biomag® Lumina VET device is our highest intensity device for pets and has an intensity of 160 Gauss (2mT) with the option to decrease the intensity if required.

The device has a frequency range between 1-80hz with 15 pre-set programs to choose from.

15 Programs

Lumina Vet

The Biomag® Lumina VET device generates a low-frequency pulsed magnetic field which has been utilized for decades in human and also veterinary medicine for the purposes of rehabilitation care. This low- frequency pulsed magnetic field fully penetrates animal body without having any negative side effects. The use of the Biomag® Lumina VET device represents a scientifically proven method that is painless, harmless and helps maintain a good physical condition of the animals.
Lumina Vet on Horse Leg
Low-frequency magnetic field positively affects biochemical and biophysical reactions in and among cells of a living organism and improves penetration of cellular membranes that are disturbed due to a disease. Subsequently, a supply of oxygen and other active substances greatly increases and metabolic processes considerably improve due to the effects. The Biomag® Lumina VET device generates a specific pulsed magnetic field that has direct healing effects in animals, thus positively affecting the overall condition of the animal patient.