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The Almag covers a large area of the body although it is a local system.

It produces a single frequency (7.8 Hz) at a relatively high intensity of 200 Gauss (20,000 microTesla).

This system will begin running once it is plugged in, and will automatically shut off after about 20 minutes. Because the Almag has no buttons, if you want to run 2 sessions in a row, you must unplug the system and then plug it back in to make the program start again.


Warranty and Support

The warranty of this product is 2 years as standard. At NewMed you are in safe hands and we understand that if something goes wrong you want to have a quick and effective resolution. Your warranty is with NewMed and we will deal with the manufacturers directly to take the hassle away from you. NewMed offer after sales support and advice on every product we sell. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and UK based support so if there is anything you need after purchasing a product from us, we are only a call or email away.

Technical Information

Maximum Intensity (Gauss) 200 (+-60)
Number of applicators included no
Number of programs 1
Program Frequencies 6,25 Hz
Dimensions 137*60*45 mm
Device Weight 0,65 kg; or 1,43 lb
Operation time 3-20 minutes 
Warranty 2 years


Discover the ALMAG-01

Lightweight and Easy to Apply!

The Almag-01 is an easy to apply localised device, no program selection is required just apply it to the area you desire.

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Unique Travelling PEMF field

The technology of the Almag allows the PEMF therapy to travel up and down the coils. this increases microstimlation intensities and cells resulting in regeneration.

Do you provide technical support?

Yes, NewMed provide a dedicated after sales service and technical support. We also have a freephone telephone number 0808 1689 282 (9am-5pm Monday to Friday) or you can use the Contact Form.