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When using most PEMF therapy devices you are not able to see, feel or hear the pulsed electromagnetic fields that are coming from your device, which may cause worry as you may feel that your PEMF device isn’t working properly, as it can be strange to lie on a PEMF therapy mat and not hear or feel a thing. To tackle this frequently asked question, here at NewMed we now provide a magnet tester with most of our high-intensity devices, allowing you to test your device from your home or clinic without the help of a professional. Please note that...

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On the 1st October 2019 we celebrated 5 years of NewMed. Our staff celebrated with some sweet treats and our customers with 5% off site wide!   We are so proud to offer these unique and innovative therapy products to make them accessible for everyone in the UK. We love the fact that we are turning so many people’s lives around by improving their quality of life! It really is great to hear such fantastic stories every day from our customers about how they live with less pain now and enjoy a more quality time with loved ones and enjoying...

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